Ways to improve your Instagram content

Ways to Improve Your Instagram Content
OXFORD, UK, DEC 5 2016: Smartphone shows the instagram app with instagram logos

Instagram is now extremely popular. Almost every person you know uses this social media. Some people prefer to use it just for entertainment or education, some people use the opportunities the app provides for business. The popularity of Instagram is what makes this service a wonderful tool for promotion. It assures visibility for your brand. What is more, Instagram provides young creators with a set of different tools and options.

Some critics even say that the app has turned into an actual marketplace. However, even if you can relate to this pretty objective opinion, it is now the reality we live in. And, if you’re planning to address awareness of your brand or become an influencer, you have to play by the rules. At some point, Instagram promotion is a full-time job, and you should always try to come up with new ideas to win the attention of the audience.

Your content must be creative and diverse to make people want to come back for more. To achieve this goal using only those tools Instagram has to offer is not enough. You should always consider using different apps and services to create noticeable and memorable content. For example, to get an ultimate advantage over your competitors and the opportunity to download Instagram photos and videos, you can use an advanced Insta downloader video by Toolzu. The service will provide you with online Insta video download, it is free and private. 

Now we will show you more apps, which will enhance your experience and performance on Instagram.


Canva is one of the most recognizable and versatile apps for creating absolutely everything. It is one of the most popular services for creating presentations and templates. Canva is perfect for creating eye-catching Instagram stories. The service offers a huge variety of fonts and backgrounds you can use to implement your design ideas. Canva is so good and universal, that some people even use it to create whole websites! Designing unique templates requires some training, however, you don’t have to worry about that. The service is one of the easiest and user-friendly options you can find.

A color story

A color story is a perfect app for those who want to customize their profile aesthetics. If you have a color you like the most, you can create your own filters, which would be based on the color you’ve chosen. The app will help you to make your profile look balanced, the color choice will highlight your personality or the identity of your brand. If you want a trustworthy option, you can consider using the filters from influencers and Instagram creators, which are already available on the app.


Snapseed is a wonderful option for those who want to find something easier than Photoshop. Snapseed is a mobile app, it means that you don’t have to transfer the photo to your personal computer. You can adjust a great variety of options to make your photos look exactly like you want them to. The app offers different brushes and filters you can experiment with. 


Lightroom is wide-spread, and if you’re really interested in Instagram promotion, you might have already heard about that. Well, VideoLUT is the same thing, but for video editing. The app has a lot of beautiful, subtle filters to make your videos look more aesthetic. Adjustments are also available on VideoLUT for better customization. The app cost is around $5. That’s why you should think properly before getting it. However, if you’re planning to post videos on your profile as well, VideoLUT is a perfect solution for you.


GIFs are not that popular on Instagram when it comes to the format. However, you can include it into your own conception and make it your own way to stand out from the crowd. Creating GIFs is a very entertaining yet simple process. Choose some photos from your phone gallery and enjoy the result. You can adjust the options like the size, speed and rotation. Your GIFs will be available in any quality and format. 

The secret of Instagram is not only in its opportunities. Content creation can be really fun. The app has managed to give almost everyone the opportunity to become an artist and share their art and vision. The usage of all the services we’ve mentioned above will help you to achieve both your personal and professional goals.