Why was Cat Crazy in Victorious?

Why was Cat Crazy in Victorious

In the first place, Victorious is an American sitcom. The show airs on the channel Nickelodeon. Furthermore, the show aired for four seasons. It ended in the year 2013. However, the popularity of the sitcom continues. Even more, the character Cat in the show is still remembered.

Read through the article to learn more about Cat. The article will also include information on why was Cat crazy in victorious.

Brief information relating to the show victorious

To begin with, Victorious is an American sitcom. The show aired on Nickelodeon for four seasons. Further, it revolves around an aspiring singer Tori Vega. Tori attend a performing arts high school in America. At school, she meets other characters on the show. 

Furthermore, Tori meet her friends Andre, Cat and Robbie at the school. Andre is a talented musician and also the best friend of Tori. On the other hand, Cat is a friend of Tori, who is crazy and talkative. Lastly, Victorious also includes a mean girl Jade.

Ariana Walker – plays the role of Cat in victorious

To begin with, the role of Cat is played in the show by a witty actress. The name of the actress who plays the role of Cat is Ariana Grande.  Further, Ariana is a famous actress. She gained a lot of popularity after the show was victorious. At present, she is a successful singer in America. Furthermore, Ariana has received two Grammy awards for her performance.

At the age of twenty-eight, the actress and singer have won many hearts. She continues to awe the audience with her performance. Also, the singer is famous on social media. 

Furthermore, the actress appeared in the spin-off of the show victorious. But the show was not a success. The makers ended it after just one season. However, Ariana played the role of Cat on victorious with other famous actors and actresses.

Why was Cat crazy in Victorious?

The most common question among the fans of victorious is the Cat’s character. Why was Cat crazy in victorious?

In the first place, the role of Ariana in the show was loving and caring. The character of the actress in the show was kind. Cat had a big heart in the show. But she was also easily distracted. It is the main reason for the craziness of the character on the show.

Furthermore, the personality of the Cat was also affected by her parents. Her parents on the show we’re not loving and caring. It leads to the Cat developing an erratic personality.

In addition to this, the show Cat is the show from suffering mental health issues.  Cat shows the signs of bipolar disorder. Some of the symptoms of the diseases are inflated-self esteem and talkativeness. Ariana who plays the role of Cat is shown with both the symptoms. 

Finally, Cat had a tough childhood. She suffered from abuse at the hands of her brother. All these factors are the reason behind the Cat being crazy on the show.

Bottom Line:

To sum it up, Ariana Walker plays the role of Cat on the show victorious. Victorious is about aspiring singers Tori, Cat, Andre and Jade. The role of Cat is played by Ariana. Further, the personality of the character Cat in the show is erratic and crazy.