Top Tips for an AA Newcomer

AA meeting

If you are planning to join an AA meeting, it is essentially the first and the most applaud-worthy decision to be made toward sobriety. An AA congregation comprises members struggling with alcoholism and those who are either attempting to or succeeding in turning sober. It is an informal kind of meeting where substance abuse victims share their struggles, their experiences, and their success stories. The idea is to guide and motivate others to do the same.  

What if you are a Newcomer?

We all would be newcomers when starting with AA sessions. Whereas every newcomer wants to do it on their own, cases of relapses are common. No matter how unique you wish your approach to be, you need to remember that there are some stringent rules and norms to be followed for making the most of AA meetings. These are basic rules that are likely to keep you on track. 

Rules Every Newcomer Must Follow

Attendance is Important: To start with, members need to begin by attending meetings. You need to be regular and punctual towards meetings. Consider choosing the most conveniently located AA meetings near me and attend them as per schedule regularly. Remember, the newcomer is always the most important member of any AA congregation and they are always likely to remain in focus. Therefore, regular attendance is likely to prove hugely beneficial. 

Have Time at Hand: Remember always that every meeting is not likely to be groundbreaking. Some meetings will prove impactful while others may just be routine and regular. You need to create your expectations accordingly. Make sure you have ample time at hand when you start with these meetings and stay back even after the meeting is over. Staying back will allow you a window to informally associate with members and talk to them. 

Always Get The Big Book: The Big Book which elaborates on the 12 traditions of AA is the single most important text for anyone who wishes to embrace sobriety. It is about the rules to be followed and how they can be imbibed in your day-to-day life. Surviving through AA meetings is impossible without The Big Book. Make sure you steer clear of all shortcuts and secure a copy of The Big Book, referring to it every time you need to! If anyone is guiding you to something simpler or more concise, do not walk that path! 

Collect Contact Support from the very First Meeting: People put down their numbers after each meeting for a reason. Collect them and call them as and when you need to talk to people who have been through similar conditions and challenges in life. Your interactions should not be limited to the duration of the meetings alone. You may need counseling and support even beyond the meeting hours. Therefore, we need to consider collecting numbers after every meeting and get in touch if we need to! 

Always Keep Time for Prayer: Remember that the core principles of an AA program have a significant spiritual base. Therefore, your relationship with God is extremely important. Consider keeping a fixed time for prayer, every single day. Praying will keep you focused and motivated toward your goals. It will give you serenity, purpose as well as direction. When you have a higher power to rely on and turn to, everything becomes much simpler. You have a force to reckon with and to offer you the much-needed direction that you need. 

Always keep people who have more time at hand than you close: When you are dealing with an addiction problem, you will need support and assistance from all corners. Have people around you who have more time than you. If your friends are too busy, chances are they won’t be available for you when you need them the most. Therefore, having people around who have the time always helps

Indulge In Meditation: Meditation does not have to be some fancy complicated technique that is being practiced. Simple focused breathing exercises can also mean meditation. You just need to keep it as free from complications as possible and practice it daily. 

Don’t Count Hours Let the Hours Count: So, if you have a lethargic and sedentary lifestyle and would be spending days and hours guzzling down energy drinks, the number of hours that you would be spending in sobriety is likely to seem too much. Therefore, instead of counting hours, you need to make the hours count. Spend time doing something productive. That way the time spent in sobriety will not seem difficult to pass by. Doing something productive will also mean keeping you in a happy frame of mind while you battle intoxication and substance abuse. Making yourself useful is the key to success. 

Nothing should ideally be taken too seriously apart from your substance abuse recovery. Even if you fall into the abyss of substance abuse time and again, make sure you do not get stuck up in negativity and punish yourself. As long as there is the capacity and the capability to change, there is always hope. Instead of wallowing in self-pity every time there is a slippage, make sure you choose to remain committed to change and attempt at making amends as early as you can.

Alcoholics Anonymous meetings can be a great way to ensure success for those who wish to make a robust turn toward sobriety. Apart from AA meetings, visiting clinical psychologists and counselors could also be important for dealing with psychological upheavals of substance abuse. In extreme cases of alcoholism, medical intervention might also be needed for effective management of health conditions stemming out of consistent and uncontrolled consumption over some time! 

Apart from joining an AA meeting in Florida, getting admitted to a rehabilitation facility in Florida is also an option to consider. Residential rehabs are considered ideal for treating substance abuse cases that have become severe and chronic over time and need persistent care and management for effective management. 

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