Top 5 Places to Visit In Maldives

Top 5 Places to Visit In Maldives

The luxurious aura of Maldives is so enchanting that it is enough to make a lifelong imprint on your mind. Be it a family vacation, a trip with your buddies or a honeymoon, Maldives and its top most locations will surely give an equal level of fun and enjoyment. The solace and tranquillity that takes place in the Maldivian environment are so soothing that it lures everyone towards it.

The shiny-sandy shores, most happening marine world, and brilliance of nature altogether make the Maldives a perfect station for fun as well as adventure. The Maldives is equally thanked by food fanatics due to the delicious Maldivian dishes. The ancient royal castles of the Maldives that pronounces the volume of its antiquity are a great temptation for history aficionados. Given all these hallmarks, in this article, we have listed the top 5 places to visit in the Maldives for an extraordinary holiday experience.

Banana Reef: Located in North Male Atoll the Banana Reef is known for the most ancient reefs in the entire Maldives. Adorned with remarkable caves and sumptuous cliffs this place is highly praised by adventure freaks. Thrillophilia Maldives package focuses on traversing the underwater striking world will surly add Banana Reef in it. For amateur divers, Banana Reef is the most suitable choice due to its smooth currents and higher visibility. The extent of diving ranges from 5 meters to as deep as 30 meters. As soon as you are sunk in the blue water, you can see the fecund and vivaciously pigmented coral beds. The best time for water games activities at Banana Reef is in between May to July while the season is dry and you can travel the underwater flora and fauna without any obstruction. Banana Reef timing is from 9 AM to 7 PM throughout the week. The other similar kind of place in the Maldives is HP Reef, quite notorious for its rainbow reefs.

Male Island: The capital city of Maldives, Male is as everything to offer you an overall Maldivian experience. Embraced with ancient mosques and eccentric buildings, the Male Island appear very different from others of its kind in the Maldives. Some of the choicest restaurants and cafes of Maldives are too present in this island city. As it is a capital city, the island has been the centre of power for several Royal dynasties and their mansions are a great fascination here. For an adventuresome experience, you can enjoy undersea activities such as snorkelling and scuba diving at Male. Even for shopping purposes in the Maldives, no place is greater than Male Island.

Vaadhoo Island: The publicity of Vaadhoo Island is payable to the Sea of Stars phenomena in its water. Under the moonshine, the water of this island radiates brilliant blue to create a mesmerizing appeal. One can clearly see the reflection of stars in the water under which the tides lap. If you are on a romantic vacation with your loved one then a midnight stroll at Vaadhoo Island beach could be the best thing you could do in the Maldives. Some of the greatest villas of the Maldives with extravagant amenities can enhance your experience of a staycation in the Maldives. 

Emboodhu Finolhu Island: This place is particularly famous for the arrangement of attractive water villas in a unique shape of a flower bud. This feature gives a distinct overall look to Emboodhu Finolhu Island. This beautiful place is best witnessed while you are landing here through a seaplane. Among these luxurious water dwellings, the Taj Exotica Resort accents the overall luxe of this retreat. The convenience and facilities provided in the resort belong to a 5-star rating that also incorporates a revitalizing retreat of the spa. The position of this island is adjacent to the Maldives International Airport, making the island easily approachable. To enhance reach to the island speedboat facility is also available.

Majeedhee Magu: There are fewer places in the Maldives for street shopping but Majeedhee Magu stands out for certain obvious reasons. Not only for buying things and sightseeing but also for experiencing the culture of Maldives, this is the most competent place. The things you can shop in the market here include handcrafted items, trendy women and menswear. To make your journey unforgettable, you can buy a memento from this market. For food fanatics, the local delights give an entirely new domain of travelling the Maldives. As the area of Majeedhee Magu is in the main market, you can get a perfect place for your stay at a low cost here.

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