Mr. Barry Van Dyke: All You Need To Know About Him

Mr. Barry Van Dyke
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Barry Van Dyke (born July 31, 1951) is an American actor and the nephew of Jerry Van Dyke. He is the second son of actor and entertainer Dick Van Dyke and Margie Willett. He has frequently collaborated with his father. However, On Diagnosis: Murder, he is best known as Lieutenant Detective Steve Sloan, a homicide detective and the son of Dr Mark Sloan (played by Dick Van Dyke). Real-life family members frequently played the characters’ relatives in the show.

Early Years

Barry Van Dyke was born on July 31, 1951, in Atlanta, Georgia, into an acting family. He is the second son of actor Dick Van Dyke (1925) and Margie Willett (1926-2008). He has two younger sisters, Carrie Beth Van Dyke and Stacy Van Dyke, as well as an older brother named Christian Van Dyke.

Jerry Van Dyke is his uncle on his father’s side. Van Dyke’s acting career began at a young age, when he made his television debut (along with his brother Christian) as Florian, a nine-year-old violinist, on the episode “The Talented Neighborhood” of The Dick Van Dyke Show. He frequently appeared in TV shows alongside his father, but his father frequently advised Barry to wait until high school before pursuing an acting career. Van Dyke majored in Theater Arts at Pierce Junior College in Los Angeles.

Early Years
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Barry Van Dyke’s relationship with Mary Carey

People who knew the couple said they met in 1967, instantly fell in love and began dating. They were a couple for about seven years before they married, but they kept their relationship very private, so no one knew when Barry proposed to her, how long they were engaged, or the exact date of their wedding. They decided to keep their personal lives away from the media, so they held a secret ceremony in 1974. 

Barry Van Dyke’s wife

Mary Carey Van Dyke is Barry Van Dyke’s wife and the daughter-in-law of Dick Van Dyke, the legendary actor, singer, and dancer. Mary came to the spotlight by marrying the famous actor Barry, who is probably best recognised for appearing in one of the most remarkable TV shows in the 1990s entitled “Diagnosis: Murder” as Detective Lieutenant Steve Sloan. Because there is no information about Mary Carey’s childhood or career, it is assumed that she was a housewife.

Age of Barry Van Dyke
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Age of Barry Van Dyke

The American actor  Barry Van Dyke was born on July 31, 1951, and his age  is 71 years old.

Net Worth

As of 2022, Barry’s net worth is estimated to be $6 million. He makes a living as an actor and is well-known for appearing in one popular series. As Detective Steve Sloane, the diagnosis is murder.

Barry Van Dyke Grandchildren

Van Dyke is the father of four adult grandchildren, all of whom are the children of his son, Barry Van Dyke (whom he had with his first wife, Margerie Willett). Taryn Van Dyke, his granddaughter, was born in 1986, and he has three grandsons, Wes (born in 1984), Carey (born in 1976), and Shane Van Dyke (born in 1979). All of his grandchildren have careers in Hollywood, with Casey and Shane being the most successful actors and screenwriters.

Dick Van Dyke also had a fifth granddaughter named Jessica, who died tragically when she was 13 years old in 1987. She was diagnosed with Reye’s syndrome, which causes brain and lung swelling. Taryn Van Dyke’s

Taryn, Barry’s youngest granddaughter, is little known. Her IMDb page states that she appeared in Diagnosis Murder from 1999 to 2001 and Murder 101 in 2007, both of which her grandfather and brothers were in (Dick Van Dyke was also the producer of Murder 101). Moreover, she does have an Instagram account, but it is set to private.

Van Dyke, Wes
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Van Dyke, Wes

Wes Van Dyke appeared in Diagnosis Murder, Murder 101, and Titanic II as a surfer. While he dabbled in acting, it appears that his true passion is art. You can follow him on Instagram to see his paintings, and you can even commission one for yourself.

Van Dyke, Carey

Carey Van Dyke appeared in Diagnosis Murder and Murder 101 alongside his siblings and has also appeared in ER, 6 Guns, and A Soldier’s Love Story. He has a partner and family, which he frequently photographs on his Instagram page.

Van Dyke, Shane

Shane Van Dyke has the most experience and roles in Hollywood, but he hasn’t appeared in anything since 2011’s Super Shark.


1. How old is Barry Van Dyke?

Barry Van Dyke, an American actor, was born on July 31, 1951, and is 71 years old.

2. How tall is Barry Van Dyke?

Barry stands 6 feet 1 inch tall (1.85m). He is quite tall in comparison to most people. Continue reading.

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