Learn About The American Politician Jon Ossof’s Parents Richard Ossoff And Heather Fenton

Richard Ossoff and Heather Fenton

Do you know Richard Ossoff and Heather Fenton? Yes, they are the parents of the famous US senator, John Ossof. The 33-year-old Jon Ossoff has come to the news after becoming a nomie for the 2020 US Senate runoff election in Georgia. In that run, Jon Ossof ran against Senator David Perdue. 

Since he is such a famous person, a lot of people want to know more about him. As per the sources, we have gathered that his family was really supportive. So, if you wish to know about his family members, like  Richard Ossoff and Heather Fenton then you are in the right place. 

Here Are The Details On Richard Ossoff, The Father Of Jon Ossoff

We know that Richard Ossoff is the father of the famous US senator Jon Osssoff. So, as per the reports, Richard is of Russian Jewish & Lithuanian Jewish descent. Moreover, he is also the owner of Strafford Publications. 

Now, let’s talk about the company a bit to know more about Richard. According to the sources, his company features a staff of pro attorneys and public accountants. All of them work to develop legal education. Moreover, they also strive to develop professional webinars as well. 

If we follow their website then we will see the gist of their motto. From the description, we can tell that the webinars of Strafford company focus on the most current and relevant issues. In addition, they also analyze new developments and quickly disseminate critical info. 

“They offer a time-saving live continuing education option with no lost travel time or expenses.”

Things to Know About His Mother, Heather Fenton

Since we have talked at length about his father Richard, let’s talk about his mother now. So, Jon Ossoff’s doting mother’s name is Heather Fenton. She is an Australian immigrant and also the co-founder of NewPowerPAC. This is a company that works to elect women to local offices in Georgia. 

Jon Ossoff has received a lot of positive feedback from his mother Heather Fenton since childhood. So, we can tell that she is a supportive woman. In fact, she has also created a niche for herself. 

Her company, NewPowerPAC has grown really well. So, she found the company in the year 2013. As a co-founder, she has really made a huge contribution. As we said earlier, this company strives to elect women or appoint them to Georgia Police Office. This is an amazing initiative and something that Heather likes to do. 

Jon Ossoff’s Personal Life: His Wife

Now that we have spoken at length about his parents, Richard Ossoff and Heather Fenton, let’s talk about Jon Ossoff’s wife. So, as per the reports, the name of Jon Ossoff’s wife is Alisha Kramer. The 30-year-old Alisha is from Atlanta. She completed her graduation from George town University in Washington with A B.Sc in Biology of Global Health. 

A Tough Campaign Against Senator Perdue

So, as we said earlier, Ossoff has fought a tight race against Senator Perdue. He fought this election against him for the Georgia runoff election. As per the reports, Osoff promises great health care to the people. 

As a man who wishes to work for the people, he has done really well. For example, he also promises historic investments in clean energy and infrastructure. He further promised to the people of Georgia, “to rebuild the economy so working families and small businesses thrive, and to root out corruption so the government serves the people.” 

Final Thoughts:

So, in the end, we can see that the man has promised a lot. He has become a very famous personality in the political sphere.