9 Most Beautiful Yoga Studios in the World

9 Most Beautiful Yoga Studios in the World

We have an eye for remarkable sports features around the globe, whether they are represented by exceptional fitness wear, ambiance, or even building design. The colors and features around you play an essential role in motivating you and giving you a clear mind to focus on your fitness routine. If you are a fan of yoga, you understand better than anyone just how important your studio environment is. So, what are your favorite yoga studios in Nashville? We have put together nine of the world’s most admired yoga studies to feed your imagination. Have a look.


As the name suggests, ChromaYoga uses color and light therapy routines, natural scents, and soundscapes to create a yoga experience, unlike anything you have experienced before. This emotive approach allows you to visualize your practice with different colors to guide you through your fitness journey.

Sweaty Soul Studio

You must check out the Sweaty Soul yoga studio if you are ever in Dublin. The place is designed with minimalistic yet stunning designs and all the natural light in the world. Sweaty Soul offers an escape from the busy Dublin district and is said to be among yoga pioneers in the area. You can always catch up with the excellent tutorials by founder Molly McKeezer on YouTube but nothing quite beats the real thing.


Fly LDN offers you a cinema-in -yoga-class experience right in the heart of London. Its enormous dark space comprises a floor-to-ceiling HD screen that lights it up and shows serene images and videos of beautiful landscapes. The dark setting allows you to focus on your own practice without observing those around you.

MOVE by Market Halls

MOVE by Market Halls is one of London’s best sights to behold. It is situated on Market Hall Fulham’s first floor with an excellent supply of natural light and beautiful windows to match. The team offers both yoga and spirited HIIT classes to empower you to realize your fullest fitness potential. What’s more? You can grab a bite at an eatery of your pick within Market Hall afterward.

Wanderlust Hollywood

Wanderlust Hollywood is a bohemian yoga studio in the heart of California and undoubtedly one of the most stunning ever. The Wanderlust space is shared by three yoga studios, an events hall, an outdoor patio, and an organic restaurant. However, believe us when we tell you that Wanderlust still manages to maintain a serene environment with exposed brick walls and soothing wood floors. They also happen to have a rare Vinyasa routine that will have you sweating, adequately stretched, and in a stellar mood.


When someone mentions New York city our minds immediately go to the noisy streets and towering skyscrapers. That is why you are bound to be dumbfounded when you experience the Yogamaya studio. This pacific yogi haven located in The Big Apple is dedicated to fostering deep human connection through yoga as a practice and your immediate environment. The studio’s eye-catching wooden screens and teal windows and walls make you feel right at home. Did we mention that they have an astonishingly big skylight for their Vinyasa classes?

One Down Dog

One Dog Down has several studios in Los Angeles but the one that has us under a spell is the beautiful retreat on Sunset Boulevard. Its high ceilings and large windows flood the place with as much natural light as there is on the ocean shores. The place brings together a subtle urban vibe with street art murals that inspire without distracting you. Once you’ve visited the studio, feel free to cross over to the Griffith Observatory for some of the most ensnaring views of the city of LA.

Humming Puppy

Humming Puppy began making a name for itself in Melbourne and soon after expanded to New York and Sydney with contemporary ideas that could very well change our yoga studio expectations. Humming Puppy studios use humming sound frequencies to deepen and boost your yoga experience. For instance, one of the frequencies they use 7.83hz is the earth frequency intended to ground you through your yoga practice.

One Hot Yoga

The One Hot Yoga studios in Melbourne and Sydney are known for their strikingly beautiful studio as well as architectural prowess. They were designed by the renowned Rob Mills Architecture and Interiors, who have numerous global awards to show for their wellness-oriented interior design. These studios, however, aren’t just about their beauty. They use a hydronic heating system that saves energy and warms up the studio with air and water. Next time you are in Sydney or Melbourne, we recommend treating yourself to these empowering yoga studios.

Yoga is a sensory practice that deserves to be experienced in a befitting space. We hope that these studios inspire you to find the right yoga escape for yourself. And do try to check them out whenever you can,