TextNow App: Features and Function You Should Know About

TextNow App

Enjoy unlimited chatting and calling with your loved ones for free using the TextNow app. Stay connected and share your daily experiences without any cost. Simply make an app purchase and access the dynamic features of TextNow. Also, stay connected with friends and family effortlessly through text and calls. Also, let’s take a look at its features and what makes it so lucrative. 

Easy to Start

Experience the exciting features of the “TextNow” app, allowing you to call and text your friends for long hours. Install the app and enjoy free calls to your friends without any cost. What’s more, simply create a user account and start using the app to stay connected effortlessly.

After creating a user account, TextNow App provides you with a range of phone numbers to choose from. Select a number of your choice to make calls and send texts. Also, please note that you can only call American numbers, as the app does not allow calling European numbers.

Unlimited Calls and Texts

The text now app offers unlimited texting and international calling options to make communication affordable. It also includes features for sending picture messages and making voice calls. Upon signing up, you will receive a dedicated number to share with your family and friends. Also, Free unlimited texting is available to users in the US and Canada.

Easy to Start

A Secure and Cheap Way to Communicate

Enjoy unlimited texting and calling for free with the TextNow app. Secure your account with a passcode. Easily make cheap international calls by adding money to your account. Send voice messages and pictures to your contacts. Customise your experience with a variety of colours, themes, and ringtones. Also, it is one of the cheapest ways to communicate with your loved ones. Moreover, calls also go to international numbers once the money is added. 

Voicemail Transcription and More

Make calls easier with the TextNow app’s voicemail transcription and caller ID features. Keep your text messages safe with a password for added security. Express yourself with emoticons in your text messages. Take advantage of call forwarding options available in the app for a seamless calling experience. Also, it has a very efficient service in all matters. 


Personalize your messages with a unique signature. Customize text tones, ringtones, and vibrations according to your liking. Also, choose from a variety of backgrounds to make the app your own. Add personalized ringtones and backgrounds for specific numbers. Enhance your experience with home screen widgets for easy access.

Voicemail Transcription and More

Messaging Made Exciting

What makes a text more exciting? Adding emojis, stickers and GIFs to it. We’re sure you all will agree with us. Moreover, when you are talking to your loved ones this is a must. TextNow makes this possible. You can send emojis and stickers with every message now. What’s more, you can even send drawings as a personalized sticker. Exciting, isn’t it? We thought so too. 

Trusted Customer Service

In case you’re wondering, TextNow app is not a very new service. It has been around since 2009. Also, this makes it one of the first internet companies in the world. Originally, it began as a Voice over Internet Protocol company. As such, you can completely trust its service. TextNow will never disappoint you with its prompt customer service. Also, you can contact them anytime you want to solve any problem you have. 


With a host of features like cheap international calls and unlimited texts, TextNow is one of the best VoIP apps in the world. Moreover, it offers good customer service and plenty of options to personalize. Also, it is very easy to use. Overall, we give it a hearty endorsement. 


1. Is TextNow available in India?

Yes, it is available in India. 

2. Is TextNow free?

Yes, TextNow is free.

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