Simple Ways To Make Your Wooden Pallets More Durable

Simple Ways To Make Your Wooden Pallets More Durable

The little things go a long way:

A good old cliche but, at the same time, a timeless truth. Especially in an uncertain economy like this. The little saved costs add up to significantly improve your business in so many ways.

Imagine this:

What if you no longer had to spend on a monthly repair for your pallets? Think about how you could divert that budget to scaling productivity, every month.

You get it now?

So, in that direction, I am dedicating this post to show you some simple ways to make your wooden pallets more durable. By so doing, you can escape the timely fixes that cause downtime in operation or high operation costs.

Sounds great? Let’s get started with…

Switching To Treated Pallets


You are likely to have heard about the buzz around treated pallets. In fact, chances are your pallet wholesaler has introduced them to you. But you’re just not ready yet for a switch?

Well…flash news:

Treated pallets are pure gold. These pallets are resistant to pest attacks, water-proofed against liquid damage, and heavy-duty ready. Please, read that again.

In other words:

By switching to treated pallets, you no longer have to worry about wood termites destroying your investments. Likewise, your pallets will be weather adaptive and useable even in the rain.

My 50 cent though:

If your business is located in Knoxville, I recommend this reliable pallet wholesaler Knoxville for quality treated pallets.

Moving on…

Train Employees On Handling And Safety

In case you don’t know:

The majority of your pallet damages are caused by mishandling from your workers. And it’s for all businesses where staff have poor work etiquette or lack the know-how of using operation tools.


A one-time investment for the training of employees on how to handle pallets properly goes a long way. First, your pallets stop suffering damage. Second, there will be fewer work hazards.

And know:

With fewer work hazards, you can escape the unexpected treatment costs. Also, you will end the recurring operation downtime caused by accidents in the warehouse.

My take on this:

Reach out to the best trainee around you to educate your workers on pallet handling and working safety.

Next up…

Choose The Right Size, Material, And Shape

Now listen:

Often than not, some products will need a special kind of pallets. For instance, you don’t want to use heavy metallic pallets when shipping by air.

You get my point?

But it’s not just the material but also the size and the design of your pallet. To save yourself the hassle, call in your manufacturer for a survey.

You know what:

Let them measure your warehouse space and the sizes of your goods to determine the right pallet size for you.


Always Keep Your Warehouse Clean

It’s a no-brainer:

An untidy warehouse hosts wood termites, rats, and other wood-damaging pests. So, keeping your warehouse tidy and clean always keeps pests away and helps your pallet last longer.