Significance Of Unique Corporate Gifts In Modern Business

Significance Of Unique Corporate Gifts In Modern Business

Corporate gift-giving has become an integral part of the overall marketing strategy of any and all modern business, whether large or small. And this is so since corporate gift-giving plays a strong role when it comes to engaging and creating strong bonds with your employees, business associates, clients, prospects, etc. That said, businesses must also take care to come up with unique and innovative gift ideas and try to avoid, as much as possible, generic gift items. 

If corporate gifting is effective, it is because it assists in brand engagement and recognition and helps build a sense of pride and loyalty for the company/brand. And it does so by creating an experience that sparks an immediate emotional connection, thereby strengthening the gift recipients’ relationships with the brand/business. This is why selecting unique and personalized gift items is an important component of an organization’s overall corporate gifting strategy. Research the current trends and also get to know the tastes and preferences of the recipient(s) in question and this will help you come up with unique and perfect gift ideas. For instance, many different types of gift hampers are fast gaining in popularity as corporate gift items. Accordingly, most gift hamper businesses today offer their own exclusive range of corporate gift hampers, boxes or gift baskets. For our Australian audience, one such highly recommended company is Hampers With Bite – a shop family-owned business that delivers all over Australia and has a huge and wonderful collection of corporate and other gift hampers on offer.  

Reasons to Invest in Corporate Gifting

Create a Happy Work Environment

Corporate gift-giving is basically a way to create touchpoints with the many different stakeholders who serve to make your business a success. These include your employees, your business partners and associates, clients, suppliers & vendors, and last but not the least, your customers. 

Now, when it comes to gifting your employees, this is basically done with a view to create a healthy and happy work environment. By gifting, you show your appreciation for the effort put by your employees, and this helps create a strong bond, improves productivity and boost employee morale. 

Employee Retention

Furthermore, gifting plays an important role in the employee retention programs of an organization. When it comes to high-skills employees and top executives, you want to do your best to shelter them from your competitors. And carefully selected unique and personalized gift items often go a long way in retaining your top-level employees and in creating a long-lasting relationship with them. 

Building a Sense of Brand Loyalty and Pride

Branded corporate gifts with the organization’s logo on them help build pride and loyalty for the brand. Gifting branded gifts to your business associates, vendors, customers and employees serve to indicate that the business respects them and their hard work and commitment. 

Differentiating Yourself from your Competitors

As mentioned, most organizations these days use corporate gifting for the various benefits that come with the practice. However, you can still differentiate yourself and stand out from your competitors by adopting an effective gift-giving strategy. For example, personalized gift items are often appreciated by the recipients as they show that you have put thought behind the gift and have gone the extra mile to make the gift special for them and not simply a generic one.

For example, if one of your business associates happens to be a wine connoisseur, gifting him a luxury wine gift hamper will be an excellent choice. Also, organizations should keep in mind that the gifts should be of practical use to the recipient. For instance, if one of your top employees or business associates needs to travel on frequent basis, gifting him a high-quality travel bag will again communicate the message that the company values his role and his contribution. 

Promotional Gifts 

Promotional corporate gifts work as a great tool to secure new customers for your business. They work as great adverts for your business and help prospective customers remember and recognize your business/brand easily. And this eventually leads to conversions. However, as with any gifting endeavor, you need to have a strong and well-crafted promotional gift strategy in place to receive the best ROI from the effort. 

Significance of Unique Gifts And How to Select Them

As mentioned, gifts that have a special meaning, value or purpose to the recipient will always be much better appreciated than typical gift items. And businesses should keep it in mind that this holds true not only for high-value items, but for relatively inexpensive items as well, such as promotional gifts. 

Yes, any kind of promotional item ought to work better than a cold sales call or automated email inquiry. However, if the item in question is still a too generic one (a pen or some other piece of stationery with your company logo), chances are that they will be ignored all the same. However, think of items such as a touch tool, a wireless charger, mini desk humidifier, 3-in-1 meeting book or a UV sanitizing box (in other words, items that will not overburden your budget but will still be useful and interesting to the recipients) and one can immediately perceive the appeal of unique promotional gifts. 

Gift Hampers

Again, for mid- to high-value corporate gift items, corporate gift hampers have become highly popular these days. The gift hampers are highly versatile and offer tons of choices to the giver. Depending on the occasion and the recipient(s), one can choose from a variety of different gift baskets and hampers (such as luxury hampers, gourmet hampers, fruit baskets, self-care hampers, wine and whiskey hampers, food and delicacy baskets, and many more). And as long as you know the tastes and inclinations of your recipient, personalizing your gift becomes so much the easier with a gift basket. 

Finally, in the view of the importance of unique corporate gifts, businesses can consider partnering with a corporate gifting company (such as Tinggly, SwagUp, Caroo, etc.). These companies will make your task of corporate gifting easier in many ways. From researching the recipients, to choosing the unique and perfect gifts, to packaging and delivery, these companies will ensure that you can consistently offer high quality and unique gifts to your stakeholders, without however you needing to put added stress on your marketing and PR team.