American Horror Season Ranked: The Best Seasons Of The Horror Show

American Horror Season ranked

Are you a horror fan? Then you may have already seen all the seasons of American Horror Story. However, it’s time to get American Horror Season ranked. In other words, from season one to nail, we shall check out the best American Horror Story seasons. So, American Horror Story has an ample amount of jumpscare moments. In fact, if you are looking for something out of what we call cliche, then AHS is the show for you. 

However, every season cannot be perfect. Some of the seasons of the show are found to fail. So, keeping that in mind, we have ranked the best AHS seasons for you. Without further ado, it’s time to take a look at the best AHS seasons now. 

Here’s The Rank Of the American Horror Story Seasons

So, as we mentioned earlier, we have ranked seasons 1 to 10. From the best AHS season to the worse, we have all the details for you here. This article shall give you an idea about the seasons of the show and also rank them accordingly. 

1. Season 10 (Double Feature) (Rank #10)

American Horror

The tenth season of AHS titled Double Feature has two different American Horror Stories, namely Red Tide and Death Valley. So, the former story actually narrates the story of a family that deals with vampires and mystical pills. On the other hand, the story Death Valley actually takes a peek at the past and present plotlines of none other than extraterrestrials. 

So, many fans believe that the tenth season has been quite a messy affair. If we compare it to the first season, then this one obviously takes the 10th rank. The IMDb rating of the 10th season of AHS is also on the lower side. So, even though Red Tide has some sort of redeeming qualities or could save the season, Death Valley eventually drags the entire season down. 

2. Season 5 (Hotel) (Rank #9)

Season 5

So, season five of the AHS actually takes center stage at Hotel Cortez, Los Angeles. With all the paranormal activities on the rise, this season has managed to excessively provide the jumpscares, the morbid, and the nightmare. The devilish plot also has a detective who is sucked into a terrible fate from which even gods cannot escape. Overall, the season had a lot of potential but ultimately, it fails, once again. A lot of people had an opinion that the fifth season had a bad story overall. In other words, if we see the American Horror season ranked at face value, then the 5th season would get ninth place. 

3. Season 8 (Apocalypse) (Rank #8)

Season 8

The overall synopsis of season eight of AHS has been quite messy enough to actually describe. So, it’s the Apocalypse, the end of the world, and everything. Overall, the eighth season had a pretty boring and confusing plot. Moreover, the final tussle between Michael and Mallory was a huge letdown as well. 

4. Season 4 (Freak Show) (Rank #7)

Season 4

So, the fourth season of The American Horror Story takes place in Jupiter, Florida, in 1952. This season has its focus on the Freak Shows in the USA where differently abled outcast people join. Moreover, this season also has Elsa Mars, as the ringleader. While the first few episodes of this season had their moments of brilliance, the same cannot be said about the whole season. We have ranked this season seventh only because the Freak Show had a pretty good start. However, the latter part of the season fourth falters and the viewers don’t have any explanation for that as well. 

5. Season Six (Roanoke) (Rank #6)

Season Six

If you are wondering what’s so special about the sixth season of American Horror Story, then you are in the right place. So, according to the viewers of AHS, this season has its focus on a reality show that narrates the life of a couple who moved to Roanoke. However, only evil phenomena awaited their arrival. The entire season has spooky dead nurses, evil haunted woods, and of course, an evil spirit. At least for the first half of this season, we have lots of horror elements. Eventually, the story shifts to the real people and actors, who portrayed the characters of the reality TV show. 

After the production company shuts down the reality show, they go back to the house. So, while this season isn’t the worse, there are certain elements in the story that we could have been better we feel. In fact, the sixth season does have a few spine-chilling moments that make it a season worth watching. However, this season still has a lot of plot holes and poor writing. This is the reason why the sixth season of American Horror season ranked 6th. 

6. Season Seven (Cult) (Rank #5)

Season Seven

Coming to the seventh season of AHS, we have a lot of varied themes. In fact, the seventh season of AHS has brought the charm back to some extent. This season tells a story of a killer clown cult in Michigan Town. In fact, it makes Michigan Town its own evil snare. More than supernatural stuff, this season captures the ugliness of the human heart. In other words, when things go haywire, a human being’s dark side comes out. So, this is exactly what this season had hoped to achieve. Even though this season manages to portray the human psyche, it also has its own loose ends. For example, it relies heavily on tropes and that’s why, it can be a turn-off for those who want paranormal stuff only. 

7. Season Nine (1984) (Ranked #4)

Season Nine

If you have watched all the seasons of AHS, then you’d definitely feel that the show deserved a better ending, especially after the ninth season. So, the ninth season of AHS has 80s nostalgia and ghosts. The gruesome and gory elements such as stabbing, and murderous ghosts also pervade the plot of this season. So, season nine titled 1984 centers around Camp Redwood. So, overall, it was a decent season according to many fans of the series. For once, we also had a happy ending. 

8. Season Three (Coven) (Ranked #3)

Season Three

So, season three titled Coven takes place in New Orleans, in 2013. If we had to describe this season in a few words, then let’s just say that the season has a coven of witches fighting for survival. Moreover, we also get flashbacks to the Salem Witch Trials in this season. One of the plus points of this season is that the directors of the show have mixed reality with fantasy. There’s no denying the fact that the third season of American Horror Story has an interesting plot. Moreover, it also deals with Voodoo culture. The audience has also received from the writers exactly what they want. 

9. Season Two (Asylum) (Ranked #2)

Season Two

The second season of American Horror Story is ranked 2nd in this article. Without spoiling too much about the story, we can say that the 2nd season has impressive writing and plot. Moreover, there are next to zero plot holes as well. However, there are still a few problems in the pacing of the story and that’s the reason why we have this season on the 2nd rank. 

10. Season One (Murder House) (Ranked #1)

Season One

Last but not least, let’s end this ranking list with the best American Horror Story season, Murder House. So, the first season titled Murder House throws a spotlight on the lives of Vivien Harmon and her husband Ben, and their daughter, Violet. Viven catches her husband Ben having an extramarital affair. So, eventually, they move to the infamous Murder House. 

Not only do we have lots of scary moments in this season, but from pacing to writing, everything is spot on. Moreover, we also have well-rounded characters in the first season of AHS. Devoid of any over-the-top special effects, the AHS season one manages to tell a brilliant & genuine horror story. In fact, this first season set the tone for the future seasons of AHS. 


So, that’s the list of American Horror Season ranked from one to ten. It’s an exciting horror show and has all the elements that a horror fan can ask for. 

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