Best Gaming Streaming Sites to Observe The Most Popular Video Games

Gaming Streaming Sites

Gaming is like a goldmine today, with a projected figure of $138 billion by the end of 2021. Gamers across the globe use various game streaming platforms to showcase their gaming skills and talent in real-time. Other goals are getting feedback, shaping a community, enhancing popularity, and making money while having fun. 

Live streaming is perhaps the most popular gaming trend right now, offering many possibilities. However, there are many games streaming sites and platforms. Are you confused about which gaming platform you should choose? Well, in this post, we’ve attempted to shortlist the best gaming platforms. So, let’s get started.


Twitch is a live gaming platform where gamers can live stream their gameplay. You can find different games on this platform, such as Fortnite, Teamfight, League of Legends, and Grand Theft Auto V. Even, users can earn money through Twitch subscriptions and partnerships. Do not worry if you do not have enough followers on Twitch, you can easily increase your followers by choosing Streamupgrade website

To join a streaming community, browse to its website, start watching videos, and engage in discussion with other users. These services are provided at no cost. Twitch is compatible with almost all major video streaming applications. A Turbo account on Twitch gives you access to extra chat groups, unique emoticons, and expanded functionality. With the help of the StreamUpgrade players can see remarkable growth in their Twitch followers.
Although Twitch is still undervalued compared to other social networks, including YouTube, it has established itself as a niche market for gamers. Twitch has about 15 million daily users. 

Although Twitch has a less diverse audience than YouTube or Facebook, its users spend a lot of time on the site: about half of Twitch viewers spend more than 20 hours a week watching videos. Twitch is a convenient platform for streamers and influencers since 2.2 million streamers share their game streams every month. And the most popular 5% of those 2.2 million are influencers in the eSports industry.

YouTube Gaming 

YouTube Gaming provides you with the ability to have all your gaming content in one location. It can do a live telecast of your games at a 4K quality at 60 frames per second while incorporating the conversation effectively into the broadcasts. It has a lot of common features with Twitch in terms of functionality, its design is intuitive, and it is like YouTube in many respects. The iOS and Android platforms are now supported by mobile applications. 

Another great advantage of YouTube Gaming is that streaming here is combined with video recording; it is one site for watching streaming and recorded videos, while Twitch is not very suitable for this. Google’s own employees point this out: YouTube Gaming is a single portal for streaming and recorded content, and there is no need to switch to other sites. At the same time, Google differentiates between streaming and finished videos: for example, if a popular author posts videos on YouTube and streams in YouTube Gaming, you will have to subscribe to these channels separately

Facebook Gaming 

Following the footsteps of industry giants, such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft; Facebook has chosen to join the bandwagon. Facebook’s Gaming app was first released for Android users, and it is now accessible for iOS users as well. In just 2 years, Facebook Gaming reached over 1.1 billion hours of game streaming. One of the main reasons Facebook Gaming has grown so fast is because of the comfort of having your broadcasts just two clicks away from your Facebook profile.
The main focus of Facebook Gaming is on mobile gaming and its broadcasting. 

Most likely, Facebook is targeting this niche of the streaming market, because they cannot compete with Twitch and YouTube, which are mostly streaming from PCs and consoles.

Another criterion for choosing mobile gaming specifically is Generation Z. A whopping 70% of zoomers use smartphones, and the majority of teenagers dream of becoming bloggers or cyber sportsmen.

The Facebook Gaming platform has attempted to incorporate the best of YouTube and Twitch and choose a three-pronged approach. The user can watch pre-recorded videos, connect to the stream, or play games available on Facebook without downloading.

Also one of Facebook Gaming’s features is the absence of advertising. Facebook has stated that they will earn from a certain percentage of each streamer’s donation. However, this may be just a temporary bonus that should attract advertising-weary consumers.

Bigo Live

Bigo Live is an international streaming platform, now available in 150 countries and translated into 18 languages! The developers reported that at the beginning of 2021, the service had more than 400 million users worldwide.

How has the platform earned such popularity? It’s simple: it’s a good, simple, and straightforward online streaming application, available on a variety of devices. You can broadcast from your computer and smartphone, find friends and subscribers around the world in a huge community, and monetize your content.

The platform is owned by BIGO Technology, a Singapore-based company founded in 2014 by David Lee and Jason Hu.  In 2019, the company was acquired by the Chinese holding company Joyy. The same company also owns the infamous social network of short videos Likee.

Bigo Live is a multiplatform service that is available not only on PCs, but also on smartphones. And if you want to use the web version, go to the official website. Once you sign up, you’ll get a few gifts that you can use later. Your creative journey will start with the first level, but the more you earn points, the higher the level will become. For each new level, you’ll get prize medals and pendants.

 Not only will you watch or post videos, but you’ll also move up in a rating. In addition, you can top up your account to buy special internal currency – it will come in handy to get a variety of bonuses.


Now that you have got a fair idea of the best game streaming websites, you can try them to take your gaming hobby to the next level. These websites can help you turn your gaming talent into a money-making opportunity and even help you meet diverse people from across the globe. 

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