Recmaster: What You Need To Record Your Screen!

Screen Recorder

It is possible to create content for your online course even when you don’t use videos without just sticking to the handouts. Generate content developed by you from your computer screen recording. RecMaster screen recorder is software that can be used to make tutorial videos. With the tool it is possible to record classes and make the content available online. Today there are several programs that are practical and can be used with this function. In addition, those who produce classes for online courses or this type of material need these software.

What is screen recorder?

The screen recorder is a program that allows the user to capture images directly from their computer. Through the program it is possible to record these videos, in addition to sharing this material. This action allows you to run screen prints and ensure that the user produces a video file. This type of content is very useful in online courses or for the production of classes or tutorials. Easy to use, it is possible to transform all your material in a few steps and allow its dissemination. Currently, with the growth of online education and even video channels, it is natural to want to know this tool.

Which is the best screen recorder?

There are many screen recorders available “in the market”, but not all of them are reliable. Only a few can actually help you record your screen and edit the footage so it’s worthy of publication.

One of them is RecMaster!

This is a screen recorder that is capable of recording in HD quality so that the results obtained are the same as the original version. RecMaster can be downloaded from this link. Try!

Finished downloading? Then try launching it!

You will see a simple but sophisticated interface. You don’t need any experience to operate RecMaster because the developer designed this tool in such a way that it is user friendly.

7 recording modes

You’ll find that you’re spoiled with seven recording modes. This means you don’t have to worry about making complicated adjustments to your recording as each mode represents a situation that most users experience frequently. You can even record audio only.

Interesting features

Honestly this article is not enough to show the full potential that RecMaster has but in general, here are some features that are worth considering:

– External microphone capturing: This feature will make the audio capture sound clearer and there is also a background noise canceling feature. You can choose your external microphone in the Microphone list.

– Settings: It includes several aspects like frame rate, quality, audio input, video input and watermark.

– Recording scheduling: This feature will make it easy for you to record your favorite shows on time. No need to worry about your forgetfulness anymore. RecMaster will record exactly at the time you set earlier.

– Cursor movement and sound effects: When you are working on video tutorials, you should apply cursor movements that will help your audience understand what you are saying. There are also sound effects that can make your recording a lot more interesting.

How do you pay for all that?

RecMaster provides a trial version, unfortunately it is very limited. You are only given 2 minutes to record for free but without editing features. To get the full potential of this tool you have two options; buy an annual plan and buy a lifetime license. The annual plan retails for $19.95 and the lifetime license retails for $29.95. The difference is only $10 but you can operate RecMaster for life. It is recommended to take a lifetime license.

Interested in trying? Get more information about RecMaster her.