Poppers: All You Need to Know About this Iconic Drug

Poppers: All You Need to Know About this Iconic Drug

Poppers are highly coveted liquid drugs sold in tiny bottles across the world. Just as you inhale the vapor, you will feel an instant high that will relax and please you. Poppers are particularly favored by queer clubbers and anyone can take them. Poppers function by dilating the blood vessels which further help in relaxing the muscles. It is the reason why poppers are seen being passed around in clubs. While poppers are classed as drugs, you don’t really need any license to purchase them. Let’s take a look at the various countries in Europe that legalize the selling of poppers and which do not.

Countries where poppers are partially legalized

In countries like Bulgaria, Belgium, and Czechia use of isopropyl nitrite is legalized but isobutyl nitrite is prohibited by law since 2007. Poppers are considered illegal in Denmark since 2004 but you will find it in plenty through informal channels and is widely available in the porn shops as well. If you are from Estonia, you can easily find poppers since the law doesn’t prohibit it. But amyl nitrite is considered flammable and therefore, you can only access them online or in porn stores.

As per the regulations of the Finnish Center for Pharmaceutical Safety and Development of Finland, poppers that are used as intoxicants are mixed with drugs like amyl nitrite. As a result, ordering this drug from outside is not allowed without permission. In countries like Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Poland, Malta, Greece, and Luxembourg, reformulated poppers have isopropyl nitrite available whereas isobutyl nitrite is prohibited.

Countries where poppers are legalized

In France, poppers are authorized for sale and can be imported from any European country across the European Union. Although possessing poppers is legal, their supply is made forbidden since November 2007. The drug is legalized in Germany and Georgia without any regulations. But it’s worth noting that the sale and purchase of amyl nitrite without permission is not allowed since it clashes with the drug laws of Germany. Poppers can be found in sex shops. This can also be found at Poppers UK.

In Hungary, poppers are commonly available in sex shops and online stores. The same goes for Ireland and Italy. Poppers are also easily found in Portugal and are legalized. In Russia, poppers are termed liquid of alkyl nitrite, amyl nitrite, butyl nitrite, and propyl nitrite and are thus considered legal. As poppers are not included in the Narcotics Law, their possession is legal in Switzerland. To avoid any kind of issues, poppers are sold in Switzerland as room odors and cleaning agents. Poppers are also legal in Vatican City.

As we have seen in which countries poppers are legalized, it’s important to note which countries have completely banned the use of this drug. Such countries include Turkey, Spain, Netherlands, and, Latvia. Since poppers have always been associated with gay sex, poppers are banned in certain places across Europe. Moreover, the composition of poppers depends on the country where you live as a result of which, different kinds of poppers are banned in different places.

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