Places to Visit in Agra at Night

Places to Visit in Agra at Night

Agra is a small city, famous for Taj Mahal and also for the different other forts that are surrounding the city. Along with the fort, there are different monuments to be seen in the city too, but the thing is that if you are choosing the night time for your Agra trip, then you will definitely miss out trips to those historic monuments, as they close by 6 PM max. However, you can still make the night of your enjoyable with full of fun, as you roam about in the city. 

Enjoy the Foods Around 

Uttar Pradesh and especially Agra and Lucknow are famous for their Mughal dishes. The day time you spent moving from one monument to another. The fact is that each and every monument is having so many historical events attached to it that, you often won’t get enough time to enjoy the foods around. So, the night time is when you go for the lovely foods. Here are some of the places where you must go for the beautiful snacks, that will make you skip your dinner even – 

  • Go to Sanjay Place and have snacks from Bhagat Halwai. You can remain sure that such snacks are never available at any place in India. Outstanding taste and super spice will fill up your appetite for certain and will skip your night supper for sure. 
  • Next, go to Sadar Bazar and have the best of the Indian Sweet dishes at Falooda. Wonderful in taste and superb in terms of softness and sweet blend, you will remember the dishes for ever. Try to keep this on the same day of visiting Bhagat Halwai. After the spices, some sweet dishes will surely relish your night out at Agra. 
  • As you are to Sadar Bazar, you must taste out one more things – Alu Ki Parathe. There are many small restaurants that would provide you the same, but the taste is more or less the same in each of the restaurants. The fact is that it is the specialty of Agra. Hence, you would lobe the food for sure.
  • Pind Baluchi, Sai Khandela and Charcoal chimney are some of the places where you would like to have dinner. Specialized in Mughal dishes, the restaurants will serve hot and spicy food, you have never tasted, unless you have tasted the kebabs of Lucknow.  
  • If you love to remain in casuals, then visit Chimmanlal Puris in Kinari Bazar for the outstanding Puris. You love the taste of the Puris for sure, but the Sabji that is delivered with those are so much delicious, that you will rethink to skip the Mughal dishes next day even for the sake of them. 

Try Some Games 

If you are in a mood to go for some games and plan to have your night dishes at some of the Mughal special hotels, then at night you are left out with three options in Agra – Billiards, Bowling and ATVs. For the first two, you will need to go to Jaypee Hotels as the arrangement of the same is available there only for tourists and if you are looking for ATV, you will have to reach out to Mughal Shereton Hotel. This is a fun game of taxiing and your kids along with you might enjoy the game very much. 

Visit Kalakriti 

This is a theatre hall and if you love to watch out theatres, then this is a lovely place to watch out. A new show of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz has been started for the tourists and that will give you some unknown facts of their life. Hence if you are a history lover, this is going to be an ideal place for you. However, the reason of visiting the place is not only for watching out the theatres, but to watch the Taj Mahal. Night entry to the place has been shortened out now. This is the place that will allow you an outskirt view of the Grand Taj Mahal in lights. You can get tickets of the same too from ASI office of Mall Road or online even. 

Make a note here that Agra is not a Metro city. Hence the nightlife here is not exactly like the metros, but still, you can enjoy the evening time and the early night n the city. Late Night culture is not there in Agra at all, except you are staying at some Starred Hotel.