Nuru Massage Near Me: Why Is It An Interesting Career?

Nuru Massage Near Me
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The Nuru massage technique originated in ancient Japan. This massage technique was developed many centuries ago by the Japanese, who are well-versed in erotic pleasures. The intense sliding of the female body on the male erogenous zones during a Nuru massage enables a man to experience complete contentment. That is why you should look for Nuru massage near me as a prospective career option if you find it intriguing. We shall here explore the interesting aspects of this career.

The most important things to know about Nuru Massage near me

important things to know
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The name of the technique is everything. The Japanese word “nuru” means “smooth, slippery”. The program implies that both the client and the masseuse do not wear any clothing at all. The specialist applies a special gel to the majority of her body, which results in skin that is even more silky, gentle, and gliding. Specialization in this realm is important. Customer satisfaction is the key and that has to be ensured at every moment.

Benefits Nuru massage near me career can provide your client

provide your client
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There are many interesting benefits of Nuru massage. It has no taste or smell at all. Additionally, the lotion used is free of allergens, removing contraindications and making the massage accessible to all.

The Nuru massage technique has the additional benefit of being effective on erogenous zones. The masseuse begins making pleasant contact with her partner’s body after applying the gel. By touching the client’s body, the masseuse brings the client to ecstasy: every part of her body—her legs, thighs, chest, arms, and intimate areas—will make the nerve endings tremble and experience an unearthly pleasure.

The efficacy of Nuru massage stands in stark contrast to more conventional methods of reducing anxiety, stress, and depression. During the massage, you are completely disconnected from the outside world and all of its problems and turmoil, and the masseuse’s body directs your attention to enjoying yourself.

You will experience complete physical and mental relaxation following the body-to-body massage, a surge of new energy, mental clarity, and powerful tactile sensations that will assist you in eliminating stress. If all these aspects seem interesting to you, then surely you should consider this as your career.

How Nuru massage career near me works?

Nuru massage career

In a career of nuru massage near me, the Nuru massage is not just a standard session; rather, it is a unique Eastern method of pleasuring a man, so everything happens consistently. The stages of Nuru’s technique for massage are as follows:

  • The preliminary shower helps to unwind and get the body ready for the next steps.
  • The therapist begins the procedure by slowly removing her clothes and lubricating herself with Nuru gel.

Main portion

The master’s entire body is used for a sliding massage.


The guest experiences ecstasy as the girl shifts her strategy and focuses on the most intimate parts of him.

In many American cities, this erotic massage takes place in a room with dim lights and an oriental vibe everywhere: scents of ethnic music and incense.

Earning potential of Nuru massage near me

Earning potential

It depends on how many hours you can put into the career of Nuru massage near me. In general, one can hope to earn more than 50000 dollars a year. But this career is available in both part-time and full-time options. So you need to consider how you would like to work. Your earning potential in that case will vary accordingly. 


It has to be noted that the intense tactile sensations of the Nuru massage aid in maximum relaxation and stress relief. Additionally, this Japanese method enables both a man and a masseuse to experience extremely strong emotions. Typically, men will never forget a session of this kind of massage.

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