4 Reasons Studio Apartments are Better than Room Rentals

4 Reasons Studio Apartments are Better than Room Rentals

If you are moving to the big city soon, it might be hard to find an ideal place to live. If you are searching Craigslit and other room rental sites to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle and personality, it can seem like there are never-ending options – but none of them which meet your criteria. Finding a room to rent can be extremely hard – and if done wrong, it can potentially end up being a disaster. Although moving in with friends or someone you know can go smoothly and save you some money, choosing random roommates is really a hit or miss.

If you are using a room rental website, you can end up spending hundreds per month to share common spaces, share bathrooms, and end up fighting with your roommates. Does this sound like fun to you? Is the saving of around $200 to $300 per month really worth the headache? The answer is no!

Instead of looking at room rentals, why not look at studio apartments for rent? Not only will you have your own space, you will save less than you would for a one-bedroom apartment in the same area. 

Let’s go over common reasons why you should choose studio apartments for rent over room rentals.

Your OWN Space

The first benefit of looking at a studio apartment for rent instead of a room rental is that you can have your own space. You do not need to share your kitchen with anyone, have a communal area, or be kept up at all hours of the night due to your roommates. Do you want to decorate your living room a certain way? You can with a studio apartment that is 100% yours!  

Small and compact

The next benefit of looking at studio apartments for rent is that you will have a small and compact space. Compared to a one-bedroom apartment, you can easily purchase every decoration, clean your apartment, and furnish your place. You will actually spend less money on the furnishings of your space and you will only buy what is necessary – meaning you can utilize the most out of your small space. For those who are minimalists and who want a clutter-free area, this is your best choice.

Less money

The next benefit of looking at studio apartments for rent vs.room rentals is that they are less money than you would spend on a one-bedroom apartment. Compared to a one-bedroom, studio apartment is typically around $300-$400 less per month – and you are basically getting the same thing! Studio apartments contain a shared space for the living room/bedroom, but as a single person living in a studio apartment, this does not make that much of a difference with space savings. 

Better areas

The last reason that you should consider studio apartments for rent is that you can find accommodation in a good location. Instead of having to sacrifice quality and getting an apartment rental that meets your needs -but is in a seedy location – you can choose studio apartments for rent that are in ideal locations. You won’t have to spend a fortune to get accommodation in a well-to-do area!


Are you debtaing a room rental ,one bedroom apartment, or studio apartment for rent for your upcoming move? There are numerous reasons why studio apartments are the best option for solo professionals who are looking to maximize their space, save money, and live in a good location!