Check Out How Jacqueline Guzman Stirred Up The Social Media With Her Insensitive Video

Jacqueline Guzman

Are you an active social media user? Well, if your answer is Yes, you must have heard about the actress Jacqueline Guzman. She has been popular for working as an actress for quite some time. In fact, she is now in the trending position on social media due to the video she shared on her Tik Tok account relating to NYPD officer Jason Rivera’s funeral on 28th January 2022. 

Moreover, the production company she was a part of has also fired her. This happened after she sparked outrage with the video about the officer’s funeral. Sounds quite shocking, right? However, why did such a thing happen? Needless to say, already the actress has sparked backlash because of her insensible video. So would you like to know more about who she is? Stay with us until the end, as we will share all the relevant details. 

Who Is Actress Jacqueline Guzman?

Even though most of you might have come across her name, we will share some of the significant aspects of the celebrity. As per her profile, Guzman hails from Florida and has Cuban-American origins. In fact, she also attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and appeared in several theatre productions. She also had her production setup called Exhale.

We do not know the exact date of birth of Guzman; however, according to the sources, she was born between 1995 and 1999. Therefore, she is currently 26 to 22 years old and hails from Hialeah, Florida. Since she has deactivated all her social media accounts after the backlash, we cannot share any details regarding her family members. 

However, we come to know that she always dreamt of being an actress. So she was highly passionate about acting at a young age. Therefore, after completing school in her hometown, she got to the school of dramatic arts to pursue her career in acting. In fact, when she was in this school, she worked closely with many professionals from the film industry. At that time, she nourished her acting talent and later showcased it in front of the world by working on specific projects.

In fact, after her graduation, she went to continue her course on Alexander Technique and learn more about Shakespeare for her theatre shows. 

Why Did Guzman Face Backlash From The Netizens?

As we said earlier, Jacqueline Guzman is one of the most famous actresses in the Hollywood film industry. However, with the recent incident in place, she has ruined her image to a great extent. Moreover, her fans are quite upset with her after her insensible remarks about a dead police officer. 

In fact, her film and theatre company also dropped her after her controversial comments in the Tik Tok video she posted earlier this year. This triggered massive outrage on the internet. Do you know what she said? Well, in the video, she complained about a part of Manhattan being shut down because of the funeral of a young cop who recently died in the line of duty. 

She commented, “We do not need to shut down most of Lower Manhattan because one cop died for probably doing his job incorrectly.” She was irritated because of the shutting down of the road. 

However, her comments were indeed very harsh to be spoken on a public platform. Therefore, it is not surprising that she is facing such backlash. This cropped up when Jason Rivera, 22, an officer with the New York Police Department, died. He was one of two cop casualties while responding to a domestic incident in East Harlem. Even though the actress deleted her controversial post, people did not spare her from backlash. In fact, some of them quickly made copies of the videos and posted them elsewhere. 

This had become a sensitive issue since Rivera was one of the youngest officers in the city to die while on duty. In fact, thousands of people mourned his death. They also flooded out onto the streets of Manhattan to join his funeral last week.

Have A Look At Guzman’s Career

As you know, Jacqueline is an actress and producer and has worked in theatre shows in New York after her graduation. Later, she started her own production company, “Exhale.” However, due to the recent controversies, she has been fired by the company. She is no longer a member of Face to Face films. 

In fact, during her struggling days, she has given auditions for theatre acts like Picnic, Sans Frontieres, and Romeo and Juliet. She has also worked in many of them. Presently, she has deactivated all her accounts. But later, she activated only her Twitter and Insta accounts and shared a post. She wrote a caption saying, “I said what I said.” This clearly shows that she is not at all afraid of her statement. 

Ending Note

Needless to say, Actress Guzman is presently not in a good state because of all the controversies. It is because of her harsh comments about the dead NYPD officer that netizens did not spare her from backlashing. Jacqueline is trying to concentrate on her career. We hope she avoids making insensitive comments that might hurt the emotions and feelings of others. In fact, as of now, there is no news of her dating anyone else. We could not find any juicy info about her love life through her social media accounts.