The Importance of Community in Your Retirement Years

Credit: pressfoto Via Freepik

While many factors contribute to creating a successful and enjoyable retirement lifestyle, there’s no denying that one of the most important of these is a fulfilling social life. No matter how many people make up your network of friends and family before your retirement, there’s no end to developing new friendships. 

Here are some of the reasons why socialization plays such a significant role in your retirement, along with a few ways to ensure that you maintain a healthy social life through your golden years:

Choosing Where to Live

Perhaps the most important factor contributing to your ability to maintain an ongoing social lifestyle during your retirement years is your choice of where to live. When retirement approaches, many people decide to sell the home that they already own, especially when their children are no longer living at home. The sale of a family home can provide many advantages at this juncture, including: 

  • Ensured Financial Stability
  • Moving to a Home that Requires Less Maintenance
  • Moving to a More Socially Oriented Neighbourhood
  • Moving to an Enjoyable Rural Environment 

Active Adult Lifestyle Communities

While selling your home can provide financial and other practical advantages, it can also provide you with the opportunity to situate yourself in a community that provides more ongoing engagement. For example, 55+ active adult communities allow like-minded people to live around others who are in the same age bracket. This setting provides ample opportunity for increased social experiences. 

Physical Well-Being 

Along with your social well-being, maintaining regular physical fitness can contribute greatly to ensuring that you enjoy your golden years to their fullest. When you move to an active adult lifestyle community, not only will you encounter plenty of opportunities to spend time with people in your age group, but you’ll also enjoy lots of encouragement to stay physically active in enjoyable ways. 

Some of the amenities that active adult communities tend to offer are:

  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Hiking on Beautiful Nature Trails
  • Beaches
  • Cycling

There’s no better way to motivate yourself to engage in physical fitness than to spend time around others who enjoy it as much as you do.

Buying a Custom-Built Home

In many situations, the choice to move into an active adult community includes the ability to buy a new home that can be custom built to your needs. If you’re looking for ways to ensure that you enjoy more opportunities for social engagement during your retirement, you’ll get the choice to add features to your home that will help. 

For example, you might want to add an extra bedroom so that you can easily accommodate family or friends who come to visit. You might also want to build an art or music studio where you can teach classes. Whatever custom design suits your lifestyle best will always be possible when you opt for a custom home. 

If you’re currently planning for retirement and want to know more about your options for moving to an active adult community, get in touch with a custom home builder to see what is currently available.