Things To Remember About Wall Paintings

Radha Krishna

The wall paintings are an abstract or patterned piece of painting, photographs or art placed on the wall to decorate the space. Wall pictures are one of the most significant vital components of the house when it comes to furnishing or decorating the house. The pictures on the wall that are placed differ from location to location. Depending on the location it is set up, it comes in a distinct pattern, size and shape. The preference of wall paintings changes depending on whether it is office space or house.

You can buy wall paintings in person or online also. Although it is itself a challenging job to select the correct piece of wall paintings, placing it in the correct location is even more hard. Even after the wall paintings are obtained, its beauty is complete only after hanging it in the correct place. So here are some of the wall painting tips and suggestions to follow.

Deciding on the wall painting

Before selecting the wall art, you can decide on where you are going to place it. Based on the available space, the color of the wall and furniture, and where it is located like a bedroom or living room, a suitable piece of painting can be selected.

Methods of placing a wall art

Based on whether it is your preference, you can always decide how you want to place the wall painting in the room in one of the following ways,

  • The walls can be either hammered or nailed and the wall painting can be hung on them.
  • If you don’t want to drill holes on the walls, you can always get the plastic hooks that stick to the wall and hang them. But it can only be used to the less heavy wall paintings.
  • If you are a person, who constantly changes the arrangement of the room, you can consider a rack or a shelf and keep all the wall paintings in one place.
  • One of the laziest ways of showcasing a wall painting is leaning them either against the wall or any other support.


You may always consider using the nails and hammer or a driller if you prefer to hang the wall painting. Based on the wall art’s size and weight, the nail’s size changes.


When it comes to hanging the image, there are some rules. The image should be so average 57 inches above ground level, it’s in the human eye level. In a pattern, various wall hangings are also placed in the same wall based on the size of the wall painting and the walls.

Apart from these, one of the most important tasks as said earlier is finding the right piece of wall painting for space. Few people spend a lot of time and energy in getting the right piece of wall art for their home. Although some of the best wall paintings are also available online which makes the work easier. So remember this suggestion while selecting and hanging your wall art to make your house look better.