10 Tips on Choosing the Best Freight Forwarding Company

Freight Forwarding Company

If you want to ship goods to another country, you have two options: you can try to organize transportation on your own or partner with one of the top freight forwarding firms for a secure and efficient option.

The former can be a cumbersome option, so choosing a reputable freight forwarder is the best way to ensure that the goods arrive safely, on time, and without any mishaps or problems.

They will handle all of the paperwork for you as well as take all of the required precautions. Moreover, if you are a business owner, by taking the services from a good freight forwarding company, you have secured one key area of your business operations: exporting your products, giving you more time to focus on other things of your business such as marketing, upscaling your business, etc.

It is highly recommended to research and choose a reputable and efficient freight forwarding company. Just because someone claims to be the best does not guarantee they can provide you with your required services.

Before venturing into the article, it is essential to know about freight forwarding NMFC code(s).

What is NMFC code?

NMFC code is a designation used to group commodities, enabling transport companies to evaluate goods for shipment by categorizing items based on loading issues, handling issues, etc.

If you want to find your NMFC code before shipping your goods, just Google “blog content about how do i find my nmfc code?”  and you will get relevant search results. Go through the appeared results, and you will get enough information.

Now coming back to the topic, here are some of the tips on choosing the right freight forwarding company.

  1. Experience and Expertise

International shipments are complicated, and you rely on your freight forwarder to keep your supply chain running smoothly and without problems. This can be accomplished by freight forwarders having years of experience.

Your shipments will bypass all complications regarding routing lines, customs, etc., with the help of an expert freight forwarding service. Your selected freight forwarder should also have expertise in coping with emergencies such as port closures or strikes.

In addition, the ideal freight forwarder should be able to show you proof of experience in the import-export sector to ensure that they are the right one for you.

  1. Shipments

You may have different requirements at different times, depending on your business. You may require an air freight forwarder to export your products to Europe on one occasion and an ocean freight forwarder service for transporting heavy machinery on another.

Ensure the freight forwarding company you choose can fulfill whatever needs you have in mind.

  1. Customer Support

Consider the time it takes for your freight forwarder to respond to your requests. For this, you should have two questions in your mind. First, do they respond quickly? Second, are they capable of answering your queries?

No matter how affordable they are, if they are not responding to your emails or satisfying your queries, there is no use in wasting your money on this kind of company.

  1. Global Network

All professional freight forwarders rely on a global network to ensure seamless and timely arrivals. What you must look for in your quest for the best firm is one that has a large network both in export and import countries or cities.

  1. Memberships of Professional Organizations

Presence or membership in international organizations necessitates a proven track record, strong international networks, and contracts and insurance to transport huge quantities of goods across large distances by land, sea, or air.

See if your possible freight forwarding company is part of any shipping associations, enabling you to make a decision quicker.

  1. Bonds

The most important thing to consider is whether the company is financially stable or not. Every freight forwarder in the market has to acquire a freight broker bond to begin their operation.

Before the company acquires the bond, the surety companies ensure that the firm is financially stable. So, while you are analyzing your choices, you must inquire whether they have a customs bond, a freight broker bond, or neither in place to meet your specific requirements.

  1. Contracts

If a shipment is already being transported and you suddenly require an alternative because of the unavailability of space or other logistic issues along the way, having multiple connections and contracts is vital.

Verify that the potential freight forwarder you’re considering has a Plan B, and more crucially, they do have one.

  1. Recommendation

It is always good to get a recommendation from the people you trust and have used the services of a freight forwarding company, as it will save you from opting for a bad freight forwarder.

In addition, you can also get feedback from the existing and the previous clients of the freight forwarder you are about to choose, enabling you to opt for the firm with a clear mind.

  1. Insurance

When shipping expensive items to another country, cargo insurance is a necessary measure to take. Verify if the company insures the goods and what kind of things are covered in the insurance.

The insurance must cover any damages incurred in the event of a loss, theft, or damage that occurs while traveling.

  1. Deadlines

When you are exporting goods, you cannot afford to have unjustified lengthy delays because time is always of importance in the business world.

It is a very expensive decision to move on with a freight forwarding firm that cannot fulfill deadlines or has inadequate communication regarding expected delivery dates.

It can be avoided if you approach the selection procedure with care and choose the company which excels in time management.


Shipping cargo is a time-consuming and taxing process. To ensure a seamless process choose the top freight forwarding firm after thorough research. You can save your time and money by selecting the top freight forwarding company.

Make sure you’re working with a professional company that has previously delivered similar goods as yours and has a reputation for being dependable.

Hope you enjoyed the article.