The Gross Yet Viral Kylie Strickland Case

Kylie Strickland

In this age of TikTok and other social media, they promise quick fame for doing absolutely nothing and many people indeed take the idea too far. Just scroll through TikTok and you will find some of the most stupid, meaningless, and most absurd videos put up by people who don’t know what they are talking about. It is a pandemic in its own right. However, there exist some people who simply cross the borders of decency and sanity in the pursuit of fame. Our today’s case study, Kylie Strickland, is one such person who went too far. 

The Gross Case

During a live stream, the Georgia-based star exposed her bare breasts in front of two adolescent boys at a pool. A few days later the clip went viral and the whole world was taken by storm. People were berserk over this lewd behavior and the harm it could potentially do to the two boys.

The furor went on for quite a few days before the Pike County police arrested her. Since then the case has become a focal point for people protesting against the policies of TikTok. All are waiting to see what comes out of this chaos. 

Now, Kylie is very popular on TikTok because she has more than 261,500 followers. But all that cannot apparently save from the charges she faces. In fact, she might even be looking at imprisonment for a long time because of what she did. Really though, what was she even thinking?

Flashing her tits at two boys in their adolescence boys at a pool? This world already faces a lot of sexual harassment and improper behavior every single day. People like Kylie just make young people more susceptible to not recognizing the patterns of sexual harassment. It is quite understandable why Pike County police arrested her. 

The Gross Case

Police Charges Ahead

In the live stream, we can see Kylie in a swimsuit with another adult woman. Both of them are sunning themselves at the pool where two adolescent boys can also be seen. For a few seconds, everything goes well, then suddenly Kylie lifts are swimsuit and show the boys her tits.

The boys are visibly awkward while Kylie laughs at their discomfort. The arrest states that the charges levied on her are for electronic pornography and indecent behavior. Not only this, the police department said that she is also going to face charges of child exploitation. 

Indeed, her actions warrant severe action if nothing else. This is a truly horrendous and gross crime. Kylie Strickland transcended all boundaries of decency and did something nobody should be proud of. What’s more, she even uploaded a clip of her misdeed online as if celebrating some great achievement.

She purposefully exposed two minor children to her indecent behavior when she flashed her breasts at them at the pool. By all means, there should be harsh punishment for this so other people with such intentions do not dare to follow through with their schemes. Such horrific times we live in. 

Police Charges Ahead


There is more to this case. Kylie Strickland, instead of being ashamed of the crime she has committed, is busy defending herself. She is taking this entire case way too casually and does not care too much about what the public thinks of her. According to Kylie, the boys have seen more breasts than she has seen her own, and does not think they were offended at all by the act.

She does not think flashing in front of minors constitutes a serious crime. She also made wild claims about the boys being drunk on alcohol, which turned out to be false later. The police is filing charges as we speak. 

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