Commonly Neglected Problems to Address for Senior Citizens

Commonly Neglected Problems to Address for Senior Citizens

Ageing is a non-neglected part of human life and it is commonly neglected part in most of the cases forgetting that this is the age that is crucial and there is the more need of care as you people age. 

The issue that you are going to see below is referred to as geriatric syndromes and they directly affect health and the quality of life. Although this can be found in people who are growing older, they affect countless of people undergoing the age between 60s and 70s.

Virtually these problems affect the ability of senior people to socialize, be physically active and take good care of himself or herself. And hence addressing these is the key practice to enable healthier ageing. 

Unfortunately, these issues routinely fall through the cracks of medical care given usually. And in the lack of taking effective action, people suffer years. These problems can become even worse since many people, doctor, senior themselves or the family members, etc. assume that nothing can be done about it and that is just the ‘part of getting old’. You can also take the medical health insurances and facilities as provided by MyAARP professionals by just logging into MyAARPMedicare Login.

Remember, healthy ageing is not just about preventing problems of ageing but it’s all about addressing them before even they get worse or drag down the rest of your health and independent free services for senior citizens living. 

Common Problems to Be Checked and Addressed For a Healthier Aging


Falls are very common among older adults. Many falls cause minor injuries but they are even scary and cause older adults to restrict their activities. In fact, fear of falling is directly linked with a decline in activity involvement and this is also the risk factor for future falls.

More substantial falls can result in life-changing injuries such as head injuries and broken hips also.    

Note: Falls in older adults is usually due to insufficient strength or balance and this can be addressed with the right exercises. 

Memory Concerns 

Memory concerns can be often seen resulting in anxiety for older adults and families which may or may not reflect in a decrease of thinking abilities. 

Evaluation is a cognitive impairment of a person, and to the extent, it helps to provide more purposeful solutions. More importantly, evaluation can highlight remedial causes of brain reduction, such as drug side effects, thyroid problems and many other problems that are common among older adults.

Note: people hesitate about their memory concern evaluated and worry that it could be Alzheimer’s or another dementia and might even be worrying that “nothing can be done”. You can help people often find ways for improving a person’s brain function either by identifying and treating the underlying disease or by encouraging them to promote their brain health. 


Although depression is a common problem even in healthy adults still it is a common health problem that is easily missed. This is most common in people with illness, socially isolated, involved in caregiving, etc. this can also enable older adults to better manage their health problems like chronic diseases and pain. 

Note: one of the significant kind of depression found in senior citizens are “anhedonia” that means, one stops enjoying activities that may bring pleasure in them. 

Studies show that medication and psychotherapy are generally effective in mild-moderate depression. 

Urinary Incontinence 

Chronic difficulties in one’s bladder are common for both men and women older adults which can be traced out with different underlying causes such as prostate enlargement in man. This is not only embarrassing but cause depression and restriction in their social or physical activities involvement. 

Note: incontinence comes in different ways and identifying the type and the cause is a key effective treatment. Finding suitable pads to manage leaks can make a big difference. Further, it is wise to go for the medication to the doctor. 


According to the survey more than 50% of all the aged adult above 65+ experience the bothersome pain every month in different parts of the body which are linked to decrease in social activity, physical activity, depression, and worse care of one’s own health. For example, oral pain caused by deteriorating gum or teeth health could worsen if neglected, so ensure that you get help from the best dentist in Marlborough to help your senior.

Note: even though treatment with medication may give the relief but it is short-term and non-beneficial for older age. The effective method for this is psychotherapy, exercise or physical therapy and other better approaches. 

Isolation and Loneliness

Both isolation and loneliness have been linked with a decline in physical health. Study shows that 43% of older adults reported loneliness and death ability increases within the coming 6 years. 

Note: Psychotherapies including MINDFULNESS and social contact usually help in this case and this helps senior adults from getting out and about. 

Polypharmacy (Multiple Medication Intake)

Polypharmacy can be in various form. This can be in the form of direct side effect to the body on excessive Medicare due body immune decline, harder to handle the prescribed medicine, etc. and this is why more than 177000 older adults visit the emergency room every year regarding medication problem. 

Note: the main thing considerable is that “much older adults are taking medications which they don’t really need” and mere physical and psychological therapy is enough for their healthier ageing. 

Hopefully, the above information has helped you to take the proper actions in the right manner. 

When we make a good effort, we ease the ways to improve a healthier living of person out in the world and do the thing they want to be dong and that is good for their health. Hence don’t let these problems fester and sabotage the late-life health.