Jackson Hole Real Estate: A Short Guide to Moving to Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole Real Estate

If you’re toying with the idea of moving to a new location, you’re probably feeling excited and scared at the same time. Moving, after all, is a big decision and an adventure. If you’re planning to move away from the city and to a place with good climate, enough culture, and opportunities to grow your career and as a person, then you might want to consider checking out Jackson Hole real estate properties. 

You may feel a lot of apprehension with relocating to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, but this can also turn into a positive experience in more ways than one. 

When you think about Wyoming, you may not picture a town that’s rich with businesses, restaurants and opportunities for adventure. But you can actually find all these things and more in Jackson Hole! What makes the town unique is that it presents people opportunities to enjoy the wildlife, gorgeous natural features, cross country skiing trails, hiking and mountain biking activities and more! it’s a has a small-town charm that will attract anyone.

What’s the Weather Like in Jackson Hole?

If you’re interested in purchasing Jackson Hole real estate, it’s best to know basic information about it, like its weather. The town has four distinct seasons, which means you can enjoy flowers blooming in springtime, the heat of the sun in summer, the changing colors of the leaves in autumn, and snow in winter! Temperatures can go for as low as below zero in December in January to almost 80 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months.

Temperatures during Spring and Fall seasons are a bit milder, ranging between the 50s and 60s, although a few late season snowfalls may appear during Spring too. Autumn’s temperatures can get colder or warmer depending on the day throughout the season.

Jackson Hole Population

According to the 2019’s census estimate, the population of Teton County is at around 23,464. This might not seem much, but the town attracts a lot of tourist activity. During the summer months, visitors come to explore the Grand Teton National Park and the Yellowstone National Park. During the winter months, ski and snowboarding enthusiasts visit the town’s snowy mountains. 

According to statistics, around 3 million people visit Jackson Hole to enjoy its nature, wildlife, athletics, and recreation every year. The place has this old, small-town charm that just draw people in. It may not be a bustling city like New York, but there’s something for everyone here—whether you’re into arts, sports, wildlife, or animals, you’ll find something to do and explore.

Education Options in Jackson Hole

There are a number of private and public educational options in Jackson Hole. Each school is highly rated and provides families a solid education base for their children.

  • Public Schools –the Teton County public school district is not only well-funded, but it also offers a wide range of educational opportunities to students. Students can participate in different youth clubs, sports teams, and recreational organizations. 
  • Private Schools –private schools in Jackson Hole provide an alternative to public school education. These schools encourage students to become deep thinkers and some even offer liberal arts education to children from kindergarten through the tenth grade. 

Parents that want only the best education opportunities for their children won’t have to worry about anything because Jackson Hole has it all and more. 

How About Pre-school and Daycare Centers?

Parents can rest easy thanks to the variety of daycare and childcare centers in town. If both you and your spouse go to work and worry about leaving your child somewhere, there are plenty of full-day preschools, half-day preschools, in-home daycare centers, and other private and public childcare centers in Jackson Hole.

Athletics and Recreation Opportunities

Jackson Hole is not only known for their scenic views and natural surroundings. A huge part of the town’s charm is also due to the fact that it offers a wide range of athletic and recreational activities for everyone—children, adults, and families! Adults and children can get access to water slides, gymnastic schools, lacrosse lessons, and skiing opportunities in the area.

Athletic Options

Middle high and high school students in the Teton County School District (even the ones that go to private school) get to join competitive sports teams such as football, basketball, baseball, track, swimming, and more!

The town also boasts of the Teton County Jackson Recreation Center that features pools for children and adults, a gymnasium, sports and fitness activities and facilities. 


Many people that invest in Jackson Hole real estate do so due to their interest in skiing, and the town has plenty of skiing offers to go around too!

The Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is most popular skiing and snowboarding center in the town. They have various skiing and snowboarding programs for children (at least 3 years old and above) and adults. The Trail Nordic Center, on the other hand, offers snowboarding, alpine racing, and Nordic skiing activities. 

Other Recreational Activities

If you’re into arts, then Jackson Hole has got you covered. The Art Association of Jackson Hole has a variety of art related programs such as ceramic, painting, 3D construction on offer. If you love dancing, there are dance classes and workshops such as the Junior Repertory Group and the Dancer’s Workshop for you. 

If you love reading or would want to hone your kid’s reading skills, visit the Teton County Library. They have a wide selection of English and Spanish books for everyone. Kids can discover, play, and explore the Jackson Hole Children’s Museum with their parents as well. 

Is it Worth Moving Here?

If you’ve been checking out Jackson Hole real estate properties but are still unsure whether moving there is a good idea, don’t worry. Jackson Hole is a great, if not outstanding, place to live. It’s one of those communities where you have everything you need and more. Plus being surrounded by nature keeps you feeling healthy and happier. 

Jackson Hole is the perfect place whether you’re single, married, or with kids. It’s also a great place for pet owners. It’s great for those who enjoy outdoor activities and recreation. This town will certainly not disappoint!