How Pimsleur App Makes Language Learning Effortless

Pimsleur App

As the world has grown to become insanely interconnected, more and more people are picking up new languages. Traditionally, acquiring a new language meant going to the local language schools, but due to the advancement in technology learning a new language is now as easy as installing an app on the phone. When it comes to learning a new language, resources matter a lot. It opens up a host of different opportunities like business, trade, and immigration. Learning Korean would allow you to enjoy KPOP or the dramas that come out of Korea. On the other hand, you can work easily in one of the Arab countries if you know Arabic.

Language learning apps are making it ridiculously easy to learn languages. But we are going to focus on one famous app today; Pimsleur. It is one of the most popular ones out there in the market. Although this isn’t a complete review of the Pimsleur app, we will discuss some basic stuff about it.

How does Pimsleur work?

Named after the scientist who discovered it, the method works by introducing the learners to new words at a frequent pace, which is also known as the graduated interval recall method. This dispersed method aids in the solidification of both short-term and long-term memory, ensuring that knowledge is kept as efficiently as possible. Pimsleur investigated how long it took students to remember new information and how often they needed to be notified of it in order to maintain it.

Learners must also be prompted to grasp a new word or phrase, given the opportunity to answer, and then rewarded for each accurate response, according to Pimsleur’s studies. As opposed to standard conjugation drills or memorizing approaches, this method is thought to help students learn quicker.

Pimsleur focuses on verbal skills, using context to introduce grammar and vocabulary. There really are no lists of certain phrases, conjugation charts, or too much contact with your computer screen. If you’ve ever attempted learning a language with a language tape, you’ll be acquainted with this technique. It may take a moment for people who are used to learning languages in a text-based classroom to acclimate.

How many languages does Pimsleur have?

Pimsleur presently has fifty-nine languages available, with over 200 courses covering a variety of dialects. Pimsleur also offers fourteen alternative English language programs, each tailored to the needs of a different native language speaker.

Every language level has 30 lessons, each lasting 30 minutes. There are as many as five levels of lessons in certain languages, while others only have two or three. Throughout your studies, you’ll observe that you’re hearing a lot of the same words and phrases again and over again. Since the Pimsleur technique is centered on recurrence, content is purposely repeated at very particular intervals to help you commit new skills to recollection. This can be difficult because you’re counting on your memory to recollect information on a foreign subject, but you’ll gradually pick up on the basics of the language and be able to remember even more.

What is the best thing about Pimsleur?

Pimsleur is one of the most preferred languages learning apps for a reason. People can have different learning styles; this app considers them all. The audio-heavy approach drives them to remember terminology instead of recognizing the way a word appeared on a paper, and that vocabulary is taught at a speed that they can keep up with without feeling overwhelmed.

What are the cons of the Pimsleur app?

Because Pimsleur focuses heavily on learning sounds and the speaking portion of the language, you might sometimes feel that it doesn’t have enough reading or writing resources. It also gives rise to the fact that it does not put enough emphasis on learning grammar to the fullest. Grammar is not considered as important in speaking, as opposed to writing. Some might argue that it becomes irrelevant.

The pace of learning is kept slow to ensure that students can keep up with the whole process. However, this can be considered a disadvantage as the bright face-learners can feel like things are going too slow.

In addition to this, another drawback is that the customer service is solely limited to the customers with a US number, which means that if you have an issue with the app then you may face issues if you are outside the U.S. Lastly, users have also reported that it is hard to get a refund or simply cancel the subscription.