What Is The Impact Of Cable On Our Daily Life?

What Is The Impact Of Cable TV On Our Daily Life

The impact of cable in daily life is so vast and highly influential this is the reason we see countless advertisements on TV. Advertisement on TV is the most expensive compared to any other medium because businesses understand the deep influence the 30 seconds ad leaves on viewers for the longest time. 

Besides that cable TV has been keeping living rooms and lounges alive for decades. Families spend quality time together over news or TV content in general. However, since we have recently witnessed election, and election campaigns, they had been an active discussion lately. 

But before we dive into the discussion and all the factors that impact our daily lives through cable TV. You should know that this has nothing to do with the cable provider but the channel’s policy. If that is not an issue, then you might as well invest in the best provider. Looking for a cable TV connection recommendation? Do check Spectrum cable packages. They are serviceable in more than 40 states, so chances are you can get hold of that. Nevertheless, the best part is Spectrum services are not only easy on the pocket but are contract-free as well. 

That being said, let us get back to the influence of cable TV and through elections example as an example to understand the impact of cable on our daily life.

Are you a voter? 

If you are interested in voting and politics, you will have a strong relationship with TV. The Democratic or Republican Political Parties nominate the interested candidates for the president. Both of these parties conduct voting (elections) in multiple states to select the top candidates who will then represent their parties and stand in the national elections. Cable TV sometimes tends to give more attention to some specific candidates. 

How TV impacts the results or election campaigns? 

It makes the voters assume which candidate has the highest chances of winning in the coming elections. This strategy also turns out to be worse for the candidates who could not perform well in their early stages of elections. This is the reason why most of them could not collect funds to continue their campaign. 

After both parties announce their results, the selected candidates become the focus of every news channel on TV. This is the power of TV that influences the voters for the creation of a new position in the group of their candidates. This new position is known as a media consultant or handler. 

People in this position, PR or brand managers help promote the image of their candidate through TV. When we say promotion through TV, it does not only mean that we are pointing towards the news channels. We are indicating TV advertisements, ads, debates, and talk shows. These are the stages where a consultant handles and promotes the image of their desired candidates. Just to add a bit to your knowledge, the presidential debates on TV have been considered a vital part of the campaign process since 1960. This determines that Cable TV has been influencing the public decision for as long as we can recall.  

Influence of TV on Voters

As we said earlier, cable TV channels focus and promote the selected candidates who have won through the elections. However, they only focus on the personality, political momentum, and strategy of those candidates. Their focus should be on what candidates think about politics, their honest reviews, and critical points. Moreover, cable TV also displays short clips of quotes by the candidates (shorter than 10 seconds do). 

Soundbites perfectly fit in the given time, but the voters cannot get the knowledge about the position and ideas of the candidate. Critics are of the view that TVs covering voting show voters the positive image of the candidates. It influences the voters to vote according to the image they see on the TVs rather than their actual potential and opinions about political issues. We also support critics of this point of view because this approach does not help voters to vote for a candidate that is truly perfect for that position. 

Final Word

In simple words, the impact of cable TV on our daily lives is infinite and election results or campaign was just a common example.

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