What Did Fezco Write In His Letter To Lexi?

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What, indeed did Fezco write in his letter to Lexi? As the finale of season 2 of the critically acclaimed series Euphoria ends with fans still processing it, we turn our minds to the most intriguing question of all. Fezco and Lexi involve in one of the sweetest flirtations of the series. The slow-developing romance between the two, the awkward chemistry, and the sheer potential never fails to blow our minds. After all, isn’t there something so raw and emotional about the love story of a drug dealer and the insecure, troubled girl next door?

The Slow Burn

Fezco actor Angus Cloud does a really good job of portraying the local supplier. He is at once brooding and charming, treading the thin line between ultra-violence and caring for those he actually loves. Fezco does not want to live a life peddling drugs. He has his own set of dreams and aspirations.

Moreover, the most interesting part of the relationship is that Fezco’s euphoria unravels as a person during his conversations with Lexi. She, for her part, shares several interests and preferences with Fezco. It is truly heartwarming to see both of them find a friend in each other. 

Some people have frowned upon the fact that the age gap between the two characters is so considerable. Euphoria Fezco is about 20 and a college dropout, while Lexi is still a junior in high school. But most of them have moved beyond the obvious age gap. The actors themselves are quite passionate about the relationship and hope something beautiful develops eventually between the two of them.

If you are an ardent watcher of the series, then you must have seen the season finale and realized that for all intents and purposes, the relationship is now hanging by a thread. 

The Slow Burn
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The Finale

Several things happen in a flurry of events during the last episode of season 2. Lexi dedicates her play to Fezco, and Cassie tries to disrupt it, but Maddy chases her backstage and beats her up. At the same time, both are caught in a police shootout. He pleads with the other man to surrender and let him take the fall for Custer’s murder. However, Ash is violently unhinged by now and fires back at the police.

This backfires (pun intended) rather badly on him as the police eventually shoot and kill Ash while he receives a bullet in the gut. He is arrested in this wounded state and taken away.

The Finale
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At this point in time, we can only speculate as to Fezco’s ultimate fate. He was handcuffed and taken away while he bled copiously, but there remains some hope that he is alive. I do not think the creators will merely let a relationship catch up with such slow-burning sweetness only to destroy it within a few episodes.

The only thing I can still see in my head whenever I close my eyes is Fezco, the drug dealer with a heart of gold, getting all decked up with flowers and a card for Lexi’s play. The world is indeed a chaotic place. Before you can draw three breaths, the story comes crashing down. And now all we can do is wait for season 3 with bated breath. 


1. Do Fezco and Lexi get together?

The two definitely have a budding romance.

2. Who is Fezco in love with?

Fezco is in love with Lexi.

3. Who is Lexi in love with in Euphoria?

Lexi is in love with Fezco. 

4. How old is Fezco?

Fezco is about 20 years old. 

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