How To Take Care Of Nipples In Pregnancy

Take Care Of Nipples In Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the period when a woman’s body goes through a lot of changes and they all happen so that they can make space inside for a foetus to grow up into a fully formed baby.

Changes in the areolas and the breasts are also very common during this time and they might be a bit uncomfortable situation. One often faces itchy areola while pregnant and in order to take care of it one needs to be cautious.

Now the question is why these changes happen in the breasts during pregnancy? This is because hormonal changes happen here and the breasts feel fuller, lighter and they tend to grow bigger by a couple of cups. This happens because the breasts are getting ready to feed the baby post-delivery. So, the milk and fat glands are developing and they contribute to the breast size. It is said that the breast may grow about 1.5 times bigger than usual during the time of pregnancy.

During this time, the nipples also tend to become more sensitive and tender and the areolas around the nipple become a bit darker. They also tend to swell in some places.

Here are some tips for nipple care in pregnancy:

Though most women tend to ignore breast care during pregnancy, it is something that should be taken care of. It has to be a part of the everyday regimen.

Get the right Bra

As the breasts continue to increase from the very first-trimester one needs to keep changing the size of their bras quite a few times in pregnancy. One should avoid wearing tight bras because it can lead to suffocation. It is a good idea to go for softly padded cotton bras.


Nipples can get dark and swollen during this time. So, one needs to retain the moisture in that area. One can use coconut oil or olive oil and then gently massage the area to keep it moisturised. This can also help in regular blood circulation. If the area turns itchy one can use moisturisers or some ointments to treat the area.

Maintain Hygiene

During this time, the nipples lead a thing called colostrums or the yellow milk and this happens a lot in the last trimester. One needs to change the bra often so that the nipple does not become too wet. Otherwise, it may lead to infections and cracks. One also need to wash their nipples with plain water on a regular basis to prevent the liquid from making the crust around the area.

No soap on the Nipple

One should ensure that there should be no usage of soaps on the nipples during daily baths. Soaps tend to dry out the nipples and also lead to cracks. When one steps out of the shower it is a good idea to apply some cream on the nipple area so that it does not become an area.

So, one needs to Take Care Of Nipples In Pregnancy properly so that itchy nipples pregnancy can be kept in control.

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