How to Run a Laundromat (And Why You Should Start One)

Run a Laundromat

Running a laundromat during a pandemic is the most recession-proof investment you can get. Everyone needs to wash their clothes, but not everyone has a washer and dryer. They have to go visit a laundromat once or twice a week to get their clothes cleaned.

The demand for laundry services makes running one a great option, especially for aspiring entrepreneurs. If you have decided on the kind of laundry services you want to offer, you can check on how to successfully run a laundromat. 

Look for a Prime Location

You have probably come a long way through your business plan. Now that you plan to run a laundromat, it has to be put up in a prime location. Renters are the most targeted audience for laundry services. Most of the rented spaces do not have enough space for a washer and dryer. Thus, consider a location that is near apartment complexes.

The prime location for laundry businesses is a commercial space around a residential neighborhood. It has to be easily accessible by people that they can drop off or pick up their laundry.

Invest in the Proper Equipment

Only a laundromat with the proper equipment will make a competitive edge. Do not get your secured space at a prime location come to waste. You have to invite customers through the services you can give and the equipment you possess. Customers do not find laundry services reliable if you use an old washer and dryer equipment.

You have to get the recent energy-saving washers and dryers. Apart from this equipment serving your customers high-quality cleaning of their laundry, it helps you save utility bills with its energy-star certificate. Moreover, you have to keep in mind that you should offer laundry detergents that are safe for every customer. Remember, some of your customers might be skin sensitive.

Market Laundromat

Not going to hide, but the laundromat business is already saturated, especially at prime locations. However, if you know how to market your laundromat to draw people to your business and welcome customers, then you will succeed in the industry. 

Market your laundromat digitally. Digital marketing helps you target locally and the neighboring towns. Do not solely rely on word-of-mouth, nowadays people search online to look for services. Ensure that when they search “laundry service near me” your business pops up first.

Why a Laundromat?

Have you noticed how the laundry services near you are still thriving even when we are years into the pandemic? It is because a laundromat is a recession-proof business. Simply because laundry is a necessity, every household should do it to keep themselves clean and healthy. Thus, those homes without a washer and dryer have to rely on the laundry services around them.

Luckily, laundromats have offered laundry pickup and delivery services. It has made it comfortable for residents that do not have washers and cannot quickly go out due to the pandemic. 

So, what are you waiting for? Plan and invest when you can.