Three Things you need in a Penetration Testing Tool

Penetration Testing Tool

The process of analyzing your business assets and threats to gather the necessary data to identify the weakest points for infiltration is an intricate process that is best left to penetration testing tools. Penetration testing tools are automated or semi-automated programs used by cybersecurity experts in the penetration testing process. Penetration testing is an authorized attack on your computer system, network, and devices that aims to expose the scope of your vulnerabilities and provide recommendations. 

No matter how efficient, no single penetration testing tool is perfect for every penetration testing task. There is a wide variety of penetration testing tools in the market with a wide range of capabilities. The nature of organizations concerning business assets, threats, vulnerabilities, and points of access varies greatly. It follows that different organizations will require unique penetration testing. If this sounds like your business, then you want to find a good penetration testing service provider.  

There are multiple factors to consider when choosing the best Pentest Costs, penetration testing tool. This article highlights the most important ones:


You cannot afford to skimp on your research when shopping for a penetration testing tool. The market is overflowing with variants of open-sourced and commercial penetration testing tools. As a rule of thumb, no professional should rely on open-source penetration testing tools. This is inadvisable because shadowy and often disreputable figures often develop them. Open source penetration testing tools also lack the multiple capabilities and high efficiency of commercial tools. 

Commercial penetration testing tools are the best option for your organization. Referrals are one of the best ways of choosing any product, including penetration testing tools. A thorough reading of customer reviews and testimonials should give you an idea of the level of service and professionalism to expect from a penetration testing tool and its customer support team. Avoid hiring a penetration testing team before they make a physical or virtual presentation. This builds your trust and confidence in their professional capacity. 

Capability and Efficiency

Tools must be efficient and straightforward, and those created for penetration testing should be no different. The best penetration testing tools will save you time and energy when analyzing an organization’s digital footprint and assets. You trust the penetration testing tool to run multiple tests on the entire infrastructure, discover the vulnerabilities and compile a concisely exhaustive report on its findings. 

As such, you must understand each penetration testing tool’s capabilities to employ the right testing tool for each corresponding job. Using the wrong tool in a penetration testing job will reduce the efficiency of an excellent penetration testing tool by using it beyond its prescribed capabilities. Spare yourself a possibly disastrous outcome by taking the time to choose the most appropriate penetration testing tool for the unique task at hand. 

Automated Wizards, Reports, and Centralized Toolsets

Automated wizards are an indispensable feature of any penetration testing tool worth its salt. They reduce a sea of processes into a few simplified steps. Penetration testing tools that feature automated wizards will spare more of your time, energy, and effort than those that do not. These automated tools turn the penetration testing process from many activities into a straightforward one that only calls for a few clicks on your part. 

Penetration testing tools also auto-generate very detailed, and well-cataloged reports on the number of processes, run duration per process and outcome of each process. When preparing client reports and presentations, these technical reports come in handy to make your work easier. Distilling the technical auto-generated reports is the best way to compile a detailed evaluation penetration testing report for your client.   

Centralized toolsets are yet another indispensable feature to consider when choosing a penetration testing tool. Penetration testing often requires pentesters to employ multiple tools for various parts of the job. Keeping track of all the different tasks carried out by the various penetration testing tools and the reports they generate can be a hassle. Therefore, it is important to start by choosing a primary penetration testing tool capable of efficiently carrying out most penetration testing tasks. Supplementary penetration testing tools can be used to perform tasks that fall outside the scope of your primary testing tool. 

When buying a penetration testing tool, the most important thing to consider is the reliability and reputation of the source before granting access to your systems. This, coupled with proper regard for your penetration testing job’s particular demands, will ensure you chose the most cost-effective and capable penetration testing tool for you.

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