How To Block Emails On iCloud

How To Block Emails On iCloud

It is important to know how to block emails on iCloud. It will clear the clusters on your email by stopping it for good. So, know the methods.

The method of communication has changed drastically. Thanks to the advancement, the devices are getting better and better. One example of such improvement is the iPad and iPhones. Although, they provide some great communication tools to you so that you can connect yourself with your loved ones. 

So, to make it more effective, the iPhone has enabled its users to send and receive emails anytime and anywhere. No matter how good the facility is, the fact that you may get unwanted messages may be troubling. Therefore, today we will focus on how to block emails on iCloud

Ways To Block Email On iCloud:

One must know that one cannot block email addresses on iPhone or iPad directly through the mailing app. However, to do it, one has to enable their Mac or PC. The emails that you block there will also appear blocked on iPhone and iPad as well.

Block Emails Using iCloud mail:

  1. First, you need to log into the iCloud Mail on the computer. So, visit the official website of iCloud on your PC. Sign up to the iCloud mail using your Apple ID. Now, you have to open the iCloud mail. 
  2. So, try to locate the gear-shaped icon. It will be under the Setting menu at the lower-left corner of the screen. Click on it, and you will notice a pop-up menu. There you will notice the option of “rules”. So, Click on it. 
  3. Next, you have to discover all the blue links that are on the top right side of the window. 
  4. Now, you have to insert the email addresses to block it. Furthermore, there will be a heading ” if a message”. You have to click on it. Upon doing so, there will be an option “is from”. So, click on it to add the email addresses or contact names you want to block. 
  5. Further, on the second option, you will have to put the email address. Meanwhile, on the third blank, you have to choose the ” move to folder” option. For the fourth option, you have to select the “junk” option. 
  6. After choosing everything, all you have to do is click on the “Done” option. 

Block email on iPhone using Gmail:

  1. First, you need to head to your Gmail on your PC. Further, Login to the account in which you want to block certain email addresses. Now, go to the option of “inbox”. 
  2. Moreover, open the email address you want to block. Or, you can choose to go to the search bar. You have to type the name of that particular email address into the search bar. 
  3. Now, you have to tick the option of “block” from the drop-down menu. Furthermore, you can hit a downward-facing triangle placed in the top right corner. 
  4. After clicking on the option of ” block”, you need to hit on the option of “confirm”. 

Block Email On iPhone Using Yahoo Mail:

  1. First, you need to log into the Yahoo Mail account on your PC. Provide all the passcode and email address to log into it. 
  2. Now, you have to click on the option of Settings. It appears as a gear-shaped icon. 
  3. Moreover, you will see the option of ” more settings” at the bottom of the drop-down menu. There, you will have to click on the option of “security and privacy”. 
  4. Then, click on “+ add”. 
  5. There you will have to add the emails you want to add. 
  6. Then, click on the option ” save”. 

Ending note How to Stop Spam Emails:

So, if you want How to Stop Spam Emails, all you have to do is thoroughly follow the steps mentioned above. Hence, you will have a peaceful communication and clutter-free email section.

Frequently Asked Questions about Blocking Emails on iCloud

Q: What is iCloud Mail?

A: iCloud Mail is the email service provided by Apple as part of its iCloud suite of services. It is available to anyone with an Apple ID and can be accessed via the Mail app on iOS devices, Macs, or through the iCloud website.

Q: How can I block emails on iCloud Mail?

A: To block emails on iCloud Mail, log in to your iCloud account, open the Mail app, and navigate to the email from the sender you want to block. Click on the sender’s email address, and then choose the option to block this contact.

Q: What happens when I block a sender in iCloud Mail?

A: When you block a sender in iCloud Mail, their emails will no longer appear in your inbox. Instead, they are automatically moved to the Trash folder.

Q: Can I block emails from specific domains in iCloud Mail?

A: iCloud Mail currently does not support blocking entire domains, only specific email addresses.

Q: Is it possible to block emails on iCloud Mail from an iPhone or iPad?

A: Yes, you can block emails directly from the Mail app on your iPhone or iPad. Open the email, tap on the sender’s email address, and select “Block this Contact.”

Q: How can I review and manage my blocked contacts in iCloud Mail?

A: To review and manage your blocked contacts, go to the Mail section in your iCloud settings. Here, you will find a list of all the email addresses you have blocked, and you can unblock them if needed.

Q: Will the sender know if I’ve blocked their emails on iCloud Mail?

A: No, the sender will not be notified that you have blocked their emails. However, they may realize it if their emails are not being responded to or if they receive undeliverable messages.

Q: Can I block spam emails automatically in iCloud Mail?

A: iCloud Mail has a built-in spam filter that automatically identifies and moves suspected junk mail to the Junk folder. However, it does not automatically block specific email addresses.

Q: Is it possible to block emails on iCloud Mail via a web browser?

A: Yes, you can block emails in iCloud Mail by accessing your iCloud account through a web browser. The process is similar to blocking emails from the Mail app on iOS devices or Macs.

Q: What should I do if I continue to receive emails from a blocked address in iCloud Mail?

A: If emails from a blocked address still appear in your inbox, double-check that the email address is correctly listed in your blocked contacts

Also, ensure that you have blocked them using the correct method in iCloud Mail. If the problem persists, consider creating a rule to automatically move their emails to the trash or contact Apple Support for further assistance.

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