5 Birthday Gift Ideas for Spa Lovers

5 Birthday Gift Ideas for Spa Lovers

Contemporary life is charged with stress from morning to evening, so it’s not really a surprise that so many people live for their spa days. However, even the most hardcore spa lovers can’t hit the spa every day. Luckily, they have you to surprise them with some spa-inspired gifts for their birthday. Here are some of the best ideas every pampering addict will love. 

New spa garments and footwear 

It’s just not possible to enjoy your home spa experiences without being properly dressed for the occasion. In order to get into the relaxation zone, you need a soft bathrobe and some soft slippers. Choose something lux for your birthday boy or girl and they will feel like walking on air when they step into their new fluffy slippers. Are they already dressed for spa head to toe? One can never have too many soft towels! These need to be replaced regularly (too many laundry days will make your towels coarse) so they might be a perfect gift for someone with sensitive skin. If you want to go big with your gift, combine your towels with a towel warmer that will come in super handy during the winter and provide ultimate at-home spa experience. 

Foot spa or foot massager

If you’re not hesitant to splurge on your spa lover’s gift, grab them a home foot spa or foot massager. These gadgets are perfect for after-work relaxation, especially for those people in your life who work long shifts and spend a lot of time on their feet. Some models provide a thorough massage while some utilize relaxing bubbles, vibration and heat to provide relaxation to your feet. No matter what model you choose, it will feel amazing to tired tootsies. And, all feet get out of the foot spa looking fresh and ready for sandal season! 

Massage vouchers

If you truly want to surprise a spa lover in your life, book them a good massage session. This will not only satisfy their love for pampering but have real benefits for their health. A professional massage can reduce chronic pain, relax muscles and boost one’s general wellbeing. Plus, you can find quality massage parlors all over the world, even though Asian experts are always at the top of the list of best massage specialists. You can easily book a massage in Hong Kong over your smartphone and provide your lucky recipient with a great massage experience. You can choose from different massage parlors and massage types and everyone will find something that fits their spa taste. This is a gift that won’t go to waste 100%!

Scented candle set 

If you want to shower their entire home with relaxing spa smells, grab an essential oil set to surprise a spa lover in your life. You can find various sets online from two to four and six candles all of which are organic and made with soy wax. These candles come infused with everything from calming yet bold sandalwood essential oil to classic lavender and chamomile combos. No matter if they choose to light them up during bath time or love to have a scented candle flickering while they enjoy a movie or read a book, these candles will fill their home with lovely yet not overwhelming scents. Combine your gift with natural stone for calloused feet and a small face towel if you want to spend some more money and make your gift bigger. 

Bath bomb gift set 

Instagram today is full of these colorful bath bombs and for all the right reason. They look amazing and smell even better! So, if you know your birthday girl or boy loves a good bath, make sure to provide them with a nice bath bomb set that will crank their spa experience to 11. Check out stores like Lush that sell high-quality products which are all vegan-friendly. Some stores even sell their products “naked” to reduce pollution which deserves a mention! Pick the color and aroma you know they will like and make sure to leave the party early so they get to try out their fizzling bombs the same evening! 

Your gift will definitely allow your recipient to relax and enjoy their pampering time like never before. There’s nothing better than having a calming spa experience right at your home!