How Could We Find Someone by Looking up an Address?

Looking up an Address

A reverse address lookup is essentially the process of locating information about a property’s current and previous inhabitants or owners by utilizing a specific street address. In the past, it used to be extremely difficult to access this information.

You would often have to go through actual phone books and directories or even formally request information from government offices. However, thanks to advancements in technology, these days, it’s a simple matter of using online lookup services like FastPeopleFinder to reverse search an address. FastPeopleFinder is dedicated to providing an access to search people from the internet in a convenient way.


With such lookup tools, you can quickly learn about the property’s history, eg. square foot, number of bedrooms, current market value, etc. You will even be able to find out if the person living there has any criminal history or if there are any registered sex offenders that may be residing there.

What Are The Main Reasons To Lookup An Address Online?

While some may view looking up an address as a form of invading other people’s privacy, there are several valid reasons that would justify the need to use an address lookup service.

  • Buying a home: Purchasing a home can often be a risky investment, especially if you are in a competitive housing market where speed is of the essence. With a reverse address search, any potential homeowner can instantly learn more about the home and even about the neighborhood to make a well-informed decision.

  • Investigate neighbor’s: A reverse address lookup can often spare a lot of time and effort if you would like to know more about the people living in your neighborhood. With a reverse address search, you can find out who lives in what house, any criminal history that they may have, and more.

  • For safety reasons: These days, it can be very risky to visit a person’s home without fully knowing who they are. This happens very often, as many online shoppers are not against meeting someone at their home to purchase something that was listed online. In such situations, a reverse address search can allow you to verify the person’s identity and background beforehand.

  • For business purposes: Reverse address lookup services can also be extremely helpful in business settings, as you can verify addresses and fix any possible errors before sending out your products for delivery to your customers.

What Is The Best Way To Conduct A Reverse Address Lookup Online?

There are several ways to conduct a reverse address search, but the best option is usually to utilize a free lookup service like FastPeopleFinder. You will be able to instantly search for an address and receive detailed information without having to make any financial commitment. Browse this webpage to get some information from an address lookup.

Address Lookup Online

In most cases, the address background report will typically include details like past sales records, rental history, property layout, and more. However, do keep in mind that the results you will get will often vary depending on the service that you decide to use.

In this respect, you can easily perform a reverse address check on FastPeopleFinder by simply following the steps below:

Step 1: Head to’s homepage and select “Address Lookup.”

Step 2: Input the address details within the search bar and hit “Start Search”.

Step 3: The search engine will instantly scan its database for any relevant information tied to that address, which also includes any owners or residents.

Step 4: You will receive a detailed report that you can review and even download for your own personal records.

Is It Legal To Carry Out A Reverse Address Lookup?

Yes. You can freely use a lookup tool to find information on addresses without fear of legal repercussions. However, there are some legal limitations that restrict how you can utilize that information. For instance, you cannot use this information to harass or stalk other residents.

In other words, the information that you get from an address lookup must only ever be used for verification purposes. Failure to abide by this and using the information for nefarious purposes would be considered a criminal offence that is punishable by law.

Alternative Ways To Conduct A Reverse Address Lookup?

Apart from using an online reverse search site, there are a few alternative options that you can try to use if you need to gather information on an address and its residents/owners.

#1. Google Search

Google is a simple and viable option to consider if you want to look up an address. After all, the search engine is free to use and Google can often extract all the online data that is related to the address you’re looking for.

You may even be able to access any contact details or social media profiles that are tied to the property’s ownership. However, the downside is that the search engine is likely to pull an exorbitant amount of data from public records.

This means that you will likely spend a huge amount of time reviewing a rather long list of information, some of which may not even be relevant or up-to-date.

#2. Social Networking Sites

Another alternative option to consider is to search for information on an address via social networking sites. Most of these platforms have massive repositories of information on their users. So, if the property owner/resident has ever shared their address on their Facebook/LinkedIn profile, you may be able to identify them.

And when it comes to businesses, you can also search review sites like Yelp, as most brands will have their addresses listed to get reviews from customers. This can help you to confirm that the address you are looking up actually belongs to a business.

However, it is important to remember, that information extracted from search engines and social networks may end up being old or inaccurate. As such, always make sure that you are very cautious with this data.

#3. Hire an investigator

Hiring an investigative professional is another option that you can consider, as long as you are willing to pay for it and wait for some time to get it. These professionals usually conduct utility and billing searches, which allows them to determine who pays the bills at that address.

This may point to a landlord or tenant but it does make them a reliable source of information. They are an especially good option if you need someone to carry out more in-depth investigative work because you can’t find what you need through reverse lookup sites or social networking platforms.

However, a good rule of thumb is to always beware of any private investigator that doesn’t offer up some sort of a partial refund should they fail to find the information you need.


Reverse address lookups are a practical source of information for anyone that needs to verify an address or find information about the resident/owner tied to it. They can also be extremely helpful should you need to confirm details about a property or its history before committing to it.

In this respect, the best way to conduct a reverse address lookup is to use a reliable service like FastPeopleFinder. The platform provides reliable results, as well as a wide range of features that can often help to make your search easier.

Plus, it’s completely free to use, so, if you need to quickly uncover details about an address without necessarily making any financial commitment, be sure to check them out.

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