4 Benefits of Renting an Apartment or House

Renting an Apartment

Let’s tackle the age-old question: should you rent or own? The benefits of renting are not taken seriously by Boomers that insist that buying is the only way to go. But are their values preserved in today’s market and culture?

Times and preferences have shifted towards a mobile and experience-driven world. It’s time to dispel the cultural judgments around renting a home and having a landlord.

Here are four reasons why renting rocks!

1. Relish the Flexibility

Renting allows you to break your lease with short notice. Putting a house on the market takes time and doesn’t serve a lifestyle where you hop cities and scenery frequently.

Did a cool new apartment complex open up in a desirable area? Ditch your current apartment and move straight away! If you aren’t raising a family and would rather live a more nomadic existence, consider renting for the time being.

2. Let the Landlord Work

Repairs and maintenance shouldn’t make you fret. If a utility breaks, it’s not on you. The benefits of renting include landlords who care about maintaining the quality of their building so the job gets done quickly!

Having a landlord is a timesaver for you. However, if you love your place but the landlord isn’t your cup of tea, you can use a lawyer to settle unfortunate disputes. Contact a firm like Suzanne Desrosiers Professional Corporation to smooth the tension.

3. City Living

Buying a house in a city is an expensive and life-changing decision. The land is scarce and the demand is high, so real estate agents can demand high prices that aren’t in the average budget. But renting a home is on a different playing field!

You’ll experience the best areas with no worries about mortgage or commute. Your favorite restaurant is down the block, and your job is a subway ride away. The life you want becomes affordable.

Additionally, owning a home puts you at a distance from others. Though you may not love the people you share an apartment wall with when they’re blaring music at 3 AM, it creates a community of like-minded people that you’ll interact with daily or at least weekly.

4. Nearly Risk-Free

Buying a home is an investment, and all investments carry risks. If the housing market crashes, your pocket will sting if you live in an area affected by it. When renting an apartment, the responsibility and fallout is not your concern.

Spend your time checking out the latest restaurants and entertainment down the block instead of hunting for the rats that chewed through your ethernet cable. Home upkeep comes with a time investment that some love and others are unprepared for.

Enjoy the Benefits of Renting

The question of should you rent or own is hard to answer and differs by person. If the benefits of renting above resonated with you, we believe leasing an apartment is a smart choice. If you don’t care as much about the above, it may be time to look into housing.

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