8 Easy Ways to Boost Online Donations For Nonprofits

Boost Online Donations

Today many nonprofit organizations are giving their donors the opportunity to make online donations. This makes the process easier for the donors and also helps save their time.

In order to ensure a regular stream of online donations nonprofit organizations must take some proper measures. Given below are 8 easy ways to boost online donations for nonprofits.

1. Create Compelling Donation Forms

Long and unappealing donation forms are a turn off for potential donors. The donation forms should be easily accessible to save time and energy of the person who wants to donate. Don’t include too many fields in your forms asking for unnecessary or irrelevant details.

It should be easy to understand and mobile responsive so it can cater to a large variety of people. You should take measures to ensure an easy and secure payment procedure.

2. Use Visual Elements

Visual media like pictures and videos capture much more attention from people than plain words. Pictures can be used to spread a message quickly and effectively.

Your nonprofit can incorporate pictures in its fundraising emails and donation page showing the nonprofit in action. You can also include links to educational videos. Including a striking picture in the donation form is also a great way to get the attention of a donor.

3. Build A Good Website

Every nonprofit should have a functional and user friendly website. It plays a key role in establishing your organization’s identity and making its goals and objectives clear. It can be very difficult to get donors to invest in your nonprofit if it doesn’t have a proper website.

Having a website will make it easy for your donors to understand the vision and will also simplify the donation process for them. You can use a professional website service who can build a user friendly website with a good layout.

4. Utilize Social Media

Maintaining a strong online presence is crucial for any organization since you can reach a large number of people very quickly. Social media is a very effective tool you can use to market your nonprofit organization.

Your bio in the social media should include links to your main website to direct people who are interested in making a donation. You should also encourage existing donors to share information about your nonprofit to their followers.

5. Peer To Peer Fundraising

If you have a solid website and social media platform it can pave the way for peer to peer fundraising opportunities. This is another great and effective way to spread awareness and boost donor retention rates.

If your donors have sufficiently large followings, a peer to peer fundraising campaign will help connect your nonprofit to many people at once. You should encourage your donors on social media to set up fundraising campaigns with a specific donation target.

6. Hold Virtual Events

Holding live events can be difficult if you are on a tight budget and not everyone will be able to participate in them. Virtual fundraising events are a great way to connect to people and more people can join since there are no location restrictions.

7. Send Proper Donation Receipts

Donation receipts help both the nonprofit and the donor to keep track of their donations. It also gives the donor confidence that their donation has been successfully processed and received by the nonprofit.

Without donation receipts donors might doubt the authenticity of your organization and avoid donating again. Make sure to include all relevant details in the receipt including a message of gratitude to the donor. 

8. Set Up Recurring Giving Plans

Regular donations make a bigger impact than one time donations. Donors are likely to forget about your organization after they have donated once. Recurring donation plans can let donors sign up for a monthly plan using which they can contribute every month.

You should let your donors set the exact date and donation amount in the recurring plan. This will ensure a steady stream of income for the nonprofit. 


It definitely takes effort and time to implement the above methods but it will definitely be worth it when you experience a boost in online donations. Make sure to guarantee donor satisfaction since they are the ones making the donations.