Fascinating Details About The Chicago First Lady, Amy Eshleman

Amy Eshleman

People know the lady, Amy Eshleman as an American national who is from Sterling. Moreover, she is also the prestigious first lady of Chicago. In addition, people also know her as the wife of the famous Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot. Furthermore, she is also the mother of Vivian Lightfoot, whom they adopted. 

So, it’s worth mentioning that Eshleman and Lightfoot have been together for like 16 years now. Currently, Amy has become a full-time parent to their beautiful daughter Vivian. However, as we said, she worked as a Chicago Public library employee before. So, if you wish to learn more about Amy Eshleman, then go through this article. You will get to know about her life facts, net worth, relationship with Lightfoot, and much more. 

Amy Eshleman Quick : Bio & Wiki

✔ Real Name Amy Eshleman
✔ Birthday 31st December 1961
✔ Birthplace USA
✔ Nationality American
✔ zodiac sign Capricorn
✔ Height 1.83 meters, 6Ft
✔ Profession social psychology
✔ Spouse Lori Lightfoot
✔ Age As of 2021, She is 55 Year Old
✔ Siblings N/A
✔ Net Worth 5$-10$ Million
✔ Parents N/A
âś” Daughter Vivian

Amy’s Early Life In A Nutshell

So, if you wish to know more about Eshleman, then it makes sense to know about her early life. It’s interesting to mention that a lot of people want to know about her relationship with mayor Lori. however, before we get onto that, it’s essential to know about her earlier life, when she wasn’t so famous. 

So, we know that Eshleman is from the United States Of America. Even though she was born in the US, she hasn’t shared the exact date and birthplace with the media. However, from the picture, she looks to be anywhere around 40 to 50. Since we don’t have any concrete proof of her age, it’s best to go with the estimation that we just provided. 

Moreover, she hasn’t even shared details of her parents as well. Therefore, the details of her mother and father, or whether she has any sibling or not, is not known. 

Her Education 

Well, Amy Eshleman was a brilliant student in her childhood and it’s probably not even surprising. From her childhood, she had a passion for studying. Moreover, apart from studies, she also had an immense passion for extracurricular activities as well. 

For example, she went to Sterling High School and played tennis and basketball as a student-athlete. So, we can see that she was really good at sports, especially tennis and basketball. 

She completed her graduation in the year 1980. But like we said earlier, she was not only great at studies but also awesome at sports. So, she played in her school’s girls basketball team in 1977 and participated in the girl’s basketball state championship in Illinois. Moreover, she also has two Bachelors’s degrees in History. 

Her Personal Life: Marriage & Baby

So, people might already know that she is the wife of Lori Lightfoot, the mayor of Chicago. Well, they have been together for around 16-17 years now. Needless to say but they are incredibly happy together. In fact, their happiness has also increased because of another reason. 

The couple has adopted a beautiful baby girl whom they named Vivian. It’s worth mentioning that this is their first child together that they have adopted. Since they are pansexual and are of the same gender, they had to take this decision. 

So, the three spend some great time together and it’s true that Amy & Lori are really happy in their life. In fact, Amy has become a full-time parent to support Lori. The family currently lives in the Logan Square neighborhood, which is on Chicago’s north side. 

Amy Eshleman Net Worth

Amy Eshleman hasn’t revealed her net worth publicly, but we can assume that it’s around 5$-10$ million. Since she doesn’t like to have any public attention, we have no way of knowing the exact figure.