Mildred Patricia Baena, How Is The Life of The Housekeeper of Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Mildred Baena

So, there’s no other thing to say than mention that a lot of people do know this amazing person, Mildred Baena the housekeeper of Arnold Schwarzenegger, the popular actor whom we all love. In fact, due to her connection to this actor, she has become popular, and as such, many people want to know about her life here in this article with us. 

So, for those of you who want to know about this popular person, such as her date of birth, career details, personal life, and all the other facts, then it’s time to follow this article and find out all you need to know about Mildred here. In fact, we will share some amazing facts apart from her life as well with you here, so you won’t have to worry at all. 

A Look at Mildred Baena

A Look at Mildred Baena

Many people should know already that Mildred Baena’s full name is actually Mildred Patricia Baena, and she has gained popularity primarily for her connection with the actor, politician, and celebrity, Arnold. So, that’s the reason why many people have shown interest in knowing about this lady here, and we will share everything as well, as we mentioned earlier in this article. In fact, her ardent fans should know that she came into this mortal world on the 1st of March, in the year 1961. 

Apart from that, Arnold has also become popular for being a lady from Guatemala. So, many sources have reported that she has become popular or famous for her connection with Arnold here. In fact, apart from these facts, we should also know that her zodiac sign is Pisces, as we can tell from her date of birth. Moreover, at the moment, this amazing US personality is 62 years old and hails from a very reputed family, and at present famous as the housekeeper of Arnold. 

Family Details

A lot of people already know this already but we will share anyway, the names of her mom and dad. However, let us tell you that we can’t share her dad’s name because Mildred herself hasn’t shared this particular detail with us, but we can tell that her mother’s name is actually Evelyn Pena. There are not a lot of details available about her family such as we don’t know whether she has a sibling or not, but nonetheless, these were some of the facts about her family.

Family Details

Her Career & Profession

So, according to various reporters, we do know that this amazing lady from the USA actually worked alongside Arnold for over two decades now, as his faithful assistant and housekeeper, especially during the 1990s. However, one should note that due to many reasons, this lady retired in the year 2011 in January. However, people may know that she has come under the limelight for a very different reason altogether, and it’s somewhat shocking as well. So, what’s this revelation that we are talking about? 

Well, you may not believe this but on March 16, 2011, in the LA Times, we saw that this lady came under the headlight for a reason. So, apparently, Mildred Baena has a child with none other than Arnold and his name is Joseph Baena, and he celebrates his birth date in 1997. 

Relationship With Arnold 

So, as we mentioned earlier in this article, Mildred has become popular for her connection with Arnold, the actor, but it’s not only as a Housekeeper. As we mentioned earlier, Arnold and she have come under the limelight for a very different reason involving their kid. 

Well, it’s apparent that she has worked for more than 20 years in Arnold’s household, and during that time, they developed a romantic interest, and Mildred’s son was the result of that. However, for years they decided to keep the truth a secret from the public eye, but eventually, in 2011, they revealed it. 

Relationship With Arnold 

Net Worth

Apparently, Mildred Baena has become very popular because of Arnold and the secret baby they shared. So, that’s why people want to know more about their life, and we will share all sorts of details about her net worth. If you want to know about the net worth of Mildred, then we can tell you that Anrold paid her 5,000 USD, and also 60k USD. 


  • Who Is Mildred Baena?

Mildred Baena is very popular for being the mother of one of Arnold’s children. 

  • What Is her Age?

According to many reports, we can tell you that Mildred’s age as of 2023 is around 62 years old. 

  • What Is Her Net Worth?

So, people know that Mildred has around 65k USD as of 2023. 

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