Eight Top Notch Restaurants Where You Can Get Healthy Food Near Me

Healthy Food Near Me

If you are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle, you will definitely want to take care of what you eat daily. But sometimes, you may not feel like cooking food at all. During this situation, you may wonder, is there any healthy food near me? Many leading restaurants offer tasty and healthy foods for health-conscious customers like you.

Further, there is a popular belief that food is only healthy if it is home-cooked. But that is not the case at all. Many restaurants also prepare food carefully and offer healthy options. You can also find wide range of food items on their menu to pick. 

There are some select new restaurants in Memphis, Nashville, Louisville, and all over the US that prepare & serve healthy and 100% gluten-free food, especially vegetarian and vegan platters that are easy to digest, good for the gut, and loaded with nutrients.

Here You Can Get Healthy Food Near Me

  • Urban Cookhouse

The main aim of Urban Cookhouse in Alabama is to offer healthier food options to their customers. They are making it more accessible to many people day by day. Some of their food chains also have drive-thru windows to encourage people to trust that food on the go is also healthy. 

Urban Cookhouse

The restaurant gets its ingredients from local farms. They also display pictures of the farms for their customers to see. You can order from a wide range of healthy salads, wraps, sandwiches, soups and more. So consider this restaurant if you are looking for healthy food near me. 

  • Lovin’ Spoonfuls

If you are a vegan looking for delicious vegan foods, then there is a great vegan restaurant in Arizona. The Lovin’ Spoonfuls is a light-filled, pleasant place to eat and order healthy food. 

Lovin’ Spoonfuls

Further, they offer fresh and cruelty-free food for their customers. Some dishes on their menu are fruit-piled French toast, tofu scrambles, stuffed grape leaves, mushroom flatbreads and more. If you feel thirty there are juices, smoothies, cider, tea, and wine available. 

  • Kitchen Mouse

Kitchen Mouse

There is one popular healthy restaurant located in California, and it is Kitchen Mouse. Erica Daking opened it to offer delicious and healthy food for her customers. Plus, she also offers foods for people with dietary restrictions. For instance, there are gluten-free and dairy-free options available. 

  • New Morning Market

New Morning Market in Connecticut is known for offering fresh and sustainable foods to its customers. Their meat and seafood are high-quality because they pick the best from local sources. They also offer grilled sandwiches, smoothies, teas, juices and more. 

Further, they host events encouraging a healthy lifestyle like meditation sessions, dietary lectures and more. So if you prefer healthy food and lifestyle, this is the place for you. 

  • Home Grown Café

In the Home Grown Café, you can find tempting weekend brunches, lively night outs and music. It is a place that offers you healthy food and also events you can enjoy. They serve fresh food for people who are vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, carnivorous and more.

Home Grown Café 

Some of their best dishes are cauliflower wings, mushroom bulgogi, seared tuna, butternut squash bruschetta and more. There is also a full bar, and you can enjoy the local art on the walls to pass the time. 

  •  Miller Union

Miller Union

Miller Union features a classic country-themed setting. The restaurant is airy and looks like a neat farmhouse. The chef is Steven Satterfield, who won the renowned James Beard award. His dishes are amazing. You can try the chicory salad, feta crudite dish, seared scallops, and roasted chicken. The restaurant is in Atlanta. 

  • Mauka Makai

Mauka Makai is a Hawaii-themed restaurant with many healthy options for you to order. It is a chic place that also has a waterside vista. The food offered is fresh and local. The whole landscape and the atmosphere are very refreshing. 

Mauka Makai

You can find some delectable dishes like prawn bruschetta, tomato and goat cheese salad, grilled ahi tuna and more. Everything is farm fresh and sourced from local farms so that you can enjoy healthy food from this place. 

  • Beatrix

If you are craving comfort food that also scores well on the health aspect, Beatrix is the place for you. It is a clean and serene space with lots of healthy food on the go. It is located in a modern spot, yet you can feel its homeliness. 

Some healthy foods you can order from Beatrix are egg-white omelet, quinoa cakes, cauliflower grits, roasted beets, vegan mushroom farrotto, sweet potato and greens “neatloaf” and more. 

End thoughts 

These are the restaurants that always offer healthy foods for customers. Many of their food options are dairy-free and gluten-free to suit your lifestyle. So without giving up your healthy lifestyle, you can order healthy foods from these wonderful restaurants.

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