EdbMails review – EDB to PST Converter Software

EDB to PST Converter Software

EdbMails EDB to PST converter is a powerful tool for converting Microsoft Exchange EDB files to PST. The tool is best suited for recovering corrupted, damaged, inaccessible, or even encrypted EDB files and converting them to Outlook PST file format.

EDB to PST Converter


What is the software all about?

EdbMails is an award winning software that has gained popularity in the market for its ease of use, low-cost and robust features all packed in one single application. It is a Microsoft partnered tool and is approved by MVP’s. EdbMails follows the flow as per Microsoft’s guidance scoring points on the security front too.

One of the best aspects of this utility is that it can recover all the contents of the EDB and convert it to PST without necessitating any running Exchange server services or using Active Directories. You can convert both healthy and corrupted EDB files without any data loss.

Using EdbMails you can recover an EDB from all types of corruption issues and quickly backup the mailbox contents without even requiring an internet connection. There are scenarios where you would want to transfer the contents of an inaccessible EDB file to Office 365 or live Exchange. The tool flawlessly assists you even with that.

Other appealing features of EdbMails include the ability to quickly recover large mailboxes with its fast scanning algorithms and the ability to selectively convert mailboxes and mail items, reducing overall conversion time. For example, if you want to quickly switch from your old EDB to a new account, you can use the Date filter to get your new emails first, then the old ones later.

How to recover and convert Exchange mailboxes using EDB to PST converter?

Before we get into the exact details and conversion steps, let’s take a quick look at the system requirements and specifications.

Actual Hardware and Software Requirements

Processor: Quad-core CPU with 1GHz processor. Supports both 32- and 64-bit systems

RAM: 512 minimum requirements. (4GB recommended)

Hard Disk Space: 20MB free space for the software installation and enough space to store the recovered output file

Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 and all Windows server versions

Microsoft Outlook versions: Outlook 2003 to 2019 all versions supported.

Our Test Hardware and Software Specifications

We tested EdbMails both on Windows 7 and 10 running on 32 and 64 bit systems respectively. We had a memory space of 4GB and a free hard disk space of 50 GB in the installation directory. We had sufficient space on another drive to save the target PST file and used the personal edition of the software.

Download and Installation Specifications

Step 1: Download EdbMails setup from the website. From what we tested, it took approximately 5-6 minutes to download the setup file using a T1 connection. The tool is free to download and does not require any payment or credit card information, which is actually a pretty good thing for users who want to test the tool.

EDB to PST Converter

Step 2: EdbMails installation takes less than 5 minutes to complete (tested on a Windows 10 PC) and it does not ask for any unnecessary permissions or require other additional or third party tools to be installed.

EDB to PST Converter

Step 3: After downloading, we installed the application and found that it started without any hitches. It’s easy on the system resources and can definitely be called a lightweight application.

EDB to PST Converter

Software interface and conversion process

Step 1: After you start the application, you are presented with a colorful blue interface having two options. It’s important to note that EdbMails does not require any license key and you just need to login with the email address you provided during the time of purchasing the software. The free trial allows you directly get into the application without providing any of the aforementioned details.

EDB to PST Converter

Step 2: In the next screen, you are displayed with multiple recovery and conversion operations. You can try out the other recovery and migration operations, but since we are dealing with EDB to PST in this article, we chose to go with the option EDB to PST, EDB to Office 365, EDB to Exchange.

EDB to PST Converter

Step 3: The tool asks you to select the EDB file (healthy or corrupted) for recovering and exporting the contents. You can also input an STM file if you are using Exchange version 2003 and lower. For testing purposes, we used an offline EDB file of size 900GB. Make sure you have a backup copy of the file. It took less than 5 minutes to recover and display all the contents of the EDB file.

EDB to PST Converter

Step 4: In the main interface, the tool displays the entire structure of the EDB in a nice tree-format with all the folders and subfolders. You can preview individual mail items such as contacts, files, attachments, calendar entries, tasks and so on. For users who wish to quickly export individual mail items per click, you can export it to EML, HTML and EML formats. The right preview pane allows you to even view the emails and save the attachments which is quite nice for badly corrupted EDB files.

EDB to PST Converter

Step 5: For converting to PST, we did not require any internet connection as we were recovering offline. We tested the conversion by choosing all the mailboxes (with different sizes) from the 900GB EDB file. The complete conversion from EDB to PST finished within 72 hours which is really fast compared to the other tools. For exporting a 250 GB single mailbox, EdbMails takes just 23 hours as opposed to 50+ hours for the other tools.

EDB to PST Converter

Step 6: In another test scenario, we used the PST split option to convert the source EDB file to multiple PST files. This took the same time as the complete PST file we tested earlier.

EDB to PST Converter

Step 7: After the entire process is completed, the tool generates a log report for easy verification. This is much helpful if you need to verify or cross check the items that have been converted by the tool.

EDB to PST Converter

Using the tool, you can also import the contents to Office 365 or live Exchange server. You just need to follow the steps and login as administrator if you are planning to migrate the mailboxes on behalf of users in your organization. The tool automatically sets the impersonation rights which is quite a time saver.

What’s more to find?

EdbMails distinguishing feature is its ability to perfectly and automatically map mailboxes between the source and the target. This ensures complete data consistency with no data loss. The tool also uses secure OAuth 2.0 modern authentication to login to your Office 365 account, giving prime importance to security. Another benefit is that you can continue to use your target Office 365 or live Exchange mailboxes while the migration is in progress. There are no downtimes or resource constraints during this time.

EDB to PST Converter

Final Thoughts

In this product review, we reviewed EdbMails EDB to PST converter. We found it to be excellent for quick recovery and conversion operations based on our usage and experience. You can use the software to recover any type of EDB file corruption and install it on any Windows version.

In comparison to other similar tools, the EDB recovery and conversion process was smooth and impressive. We also had some experience with EdbMails customer support, and they were extremely helpful in answering any questions we had round the clock. In terms of cost and pricing, we found EdbMails to be very reasonable for the plethora of features that it provides. A highly recommended tool that is well worth the price.