All Those Cool Darth Vader Facts That You Had No Idea About

Darth Vader Facts

The ultimate list of Darth Vader Facts is here. Now, we all know who Darth Vader is, right? The most iconic villain in cinema history, the guy with a helmet, the greatest of Sith lords. He is the primary antagonist of the original Star Wars trilogy. We all have emulated him one way or the other in cosplays. Also, he makes a comeback in Obi Wan, the latest Star Wars offering. Come on then. Let’s go to the galaxy far, far away and find out more about Darth Vader. 

A Child of the Force

Yes, it’s true. In “The Phantom Menace,” Anakin Skywalker’s mother, Shmi Skywalker, told Qui-Gon Jinn that her son had no father. This suggests that Anakin was either conceived by the Force or by midi-chlorians, which are intelligent microscopic life forms in the Star Wars universe. Also, this information helps explain why Anakin possesses extraordinary powers and why he is known as “The Chosen One” in the Star Wars saga. To get a better understanding, you can explore the Skywalker family tree. He stopped an entire spaceship recently, remember?

An Extraordinary Tolerance for Pain

In the Star Wars saga, Darth Vader stands out when it comes to losing limbs. He has actually lost a total of five limbs throughout the entire story. It’s hard to sympathize with him though, considering he is portrayed as a dictator in space. So, it can be said that he somewhat deserved it. Remember his legendary duel with Obi Wan? His former master sliced off his limbs and left him severely burnt. Yet, Vader survived somehow and became what he is today. 

A Child of the Force

Music in The Phantom Menace Spoke of His Corruption

The Imperial March is one of the most recognized tunes in the world. However, few people are aware that the famous melody was subtly introduced in Episode I: Phantom Menace as Anakin’s childhood theme. This was done intentionally to foreshadow his dark future. Also, a child with such a dark anthem playing in the background? Yes, the Dark Side of the Force is strong in him. 

The Most Popular Character

The Dark Side is simply irresistible, isn’t it? Contrary to expectations, the most profitable characters in the franchise are not Luke, Leia, or Han, but their arch-nemesis, Darth Vader. This is unsurprising considering his status as an iconic villain. Also, his recognizable appearance leads to the daily sale of numerous items featuring his likeness, including Halloween costumes, kids’ toys, figurines for adults, and mugs. There is a wide array of Darth Vader merchandise available.

The Most Popular Character

Luke Almost Didn’t Become Vader’s Son

Although Vader was the first character conceived by Lucas, it was not initially planned for him to be Luke’s father. In the original script, Vader was meant to die in A New Hope, and Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader were separate characters. Thankfully, Lucas made a significant change to this storyline, providing us with the greatest plot twist in cinematic history. We are grateful for this alteration! The hero of an epic, the son of the villain. Just imagine. 

James Earl Jones Nearly Missed Out

While George Lucas initially considered Orson Welles for the voice of Darth Vader, he ultimately chose James Earl Jones. This decision was made because Lucas felt that Welles’ voice was too well-known from his radio work and would have been too recognizable. Therefore, Jones was selected to bring the iconic voice of Darth Vader to life. Also, imagine the heartbreak if it had actually come to pass. Missing out on that deep voice and brooding personality. 

James Earl Jones Nearly Missed Out

A Scuba Regulator for the Villain

You may not have known this, but the distinctive breathing sound of Vader was actually created by sound designer Ben Burtt using a scuba regulator. Yes, that’s right! Burtt made the clever decision to use this unconventional technique, which resulted in the iconic breathing sound we all recognize. Moreover, this led to his voice achieving cult status in its own right. Now, we recognize him by his sound alone. 

The Cat Almost Got Out

In 1978, the actor who portrayed Vader, David Prowse, unintentionally revealed the truth about Luke’s parentage during a public interview. Thankfully, without the presence of social media, the information didn’t spread widely, saving fans from learning the major plot twist in advance. However, we can imagine that Prowse faced some criticism for the slip-up. Also, imagine what would have happened had he spoiled the twist in this day and age. From India to South America within five minutes. 

It’s Not “Luke, I’m Your Father.”

For many years, and even now, people mistakenly believe that Vader says: “Luke, I Am Your Father” instead of the actual line “No, I Am Your Father.” This widespread error is caused by The Mandela Effect, a phenomenon that tricks people into remembering a slightly different and incorrect version of something, leading them to believe it is true. You have to admit though, the mistaken line sounds more accurate. I still believe he said that, and so do several fans of the series. 

The Cat Almost Got Out

The Lightsaber was DIY

Few fans are aware that Vader’s lightsaber is actually constructed using a flashgun and windshield wipers for the grips. Surprisingly, Luke’s lightsaber was made in a very similar manner. It just goes to show that everyday household supplies can be transformed into something truly badass. George Lucas certainly knew how to get creative! Also, fans across the world have maintained the traditions. 

More Powers Than Just Choking

What is Vader’s most iconic skill? Levitating people and choking them. But this is not all. He is adept in breathing without his mask, turning invisible and flying through the air. All this if he merely concentrates a bit towards the deeds. Now that is what we call an authentic villain. 

Vader is Invisible

As mentioned earlier, Darth Vader possesses the ability to completely vanish using the Force. Surprisingly, despite being the iconic symbol of the franchise, the character remains relatively unseen throughout the saga. Compared to the other main characters, he has a significantly shorter amount of screen time. In fact, in the entire original trilogy combined, he only appears for a total of 34 minutes!

More Powers Than Just Choking

Prowse and Lucas Fought a Lot

David Prowse and George Lucas were not friends. Their disagreements went beyond Prowse’s voice appearing as Vader. Prowse didn’t approve of Sebastian Shaw as Vader’s face in The Return of the Jedi, and he also didn’t like that Lucas used a body double for his stunts in Episodes V and VI. So many disagreements between one of the lead actors and the director. It is a surprise they could work together after all. 

Inspired by the Samurai

Initially, George Lucas planned for Darth Vader to have a black scar instead of a helmet. However, the concept artist, Ralph McQuarrie, recommended a helmet based on samurai helmets, which was more visually striking. Additionally, Nazi uniforms inspired the design. It is only logical. Vader is very much like a dictator in his mannerisms. 

Different Countries, Different Names

Different Countries, Different Names

Vader doesn’t have just one name. He has many. The French people call him Dark Vador because French people cannot pronounce ‘th’. The Italian version is Lord Fener. Vader in Italian is too close to the world for a toilet. Quite understandable, if you ask. 

The Voice and Body Never Met

It is strange, isn’t it? David Prowse and James Earl Jones never met. That is the head and the body. Both worked separately. And presented a united front. But they never knew each other in real life. Now that is some real teamwork. Never seeing your partner but creating a wonderful experience. 

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