How To Do The Same Makeup as “Harley Quinn Makeup”?

Harley Quinn Makeup
Credit: Youtube

The Harley Quinn makeup has emerged as a favorite one for the Halloween period. Though the look might appear to be on the tough side, let me inform you that a step-wise approach would make the process an easy one. This viral look has been doing rounds on Instagram and you need great patience and skill to pull off the look. 

Therefore, to enable you to replicate the original Harley Quinn makeup, Lijha Stewart, the famed makeup artist has come up with a very planned approach. In fact, following her guidelines, you can pull off this signature look with ease and perfection. Therefore, if you wish to know about the ways to become Harley Quinn through makeup and costumes, this article is the perfect stop for you. Keep reading this article to know more in this regard. 

A Quick Glance At The Process

The Harley Quinn makeup look is not a very tough one to create. In fact, if you proceed properly, it will not take more than an hour to create this look. There are some specific things that you will need to craft this eerie Halloween appearance. These are:

Harley Quinn Makeup
Credit: Teen vogue
  • Highlighter
  • Your brow product of choice
  • Your favourite matte foundation
  • A rosy blush
  • A contour stick
  • Matte, loose powder
  • Red and blue eye glitter 
  • Red and blue eyeshadow
  • False eyelashes
  • Black and white eyeliner pencils
  • Scotch tape
  • Red lipstick
  • Cotton swabs
  • Black liquid eyeliner
  • Red and blue hair chalk or hair paint

The Process

These are the steps that you should follow to craft the Harley Queen look for Halloween:

1. Highlight And Contour

The first step in the easy Harley Quinn makeup guide is to use highlighters and contours. Your hairline, cheekbones, collar bones and under the lips are the key areas where you should use the sculpting stick. Then apply the matte loose powder to keep minimum highlights. 

2. Crafting Your Brows 

According to Stewart, a brow wax is the starting point of working your brows in this look. Brush the hair both upward and outward after applying a thin coating of wax. Then, in order to apply the shades of your choice, use an angled brush. 

3. Smudgy Eyeshadow 

This is a very essential step in effectively creating the deadly look. In fact, the way you smudge your eyeshadow determines the success of the process. In this regard, a creme will work better than a regular eye shadow. Moreover, the best tool to smudge with is a medium-sized eye shadow brush. Now, set the look by layering matching eyeshadow over your base. 

Harley Queen look for Halloween
Credit: Allure

4. Eye Makeup 

Applying a thin layer of black eyeliner and smoking out the edges will add a different dimension to this eerie look. To add a doll-like effect, use a white pencil on the waterline.

5. Using Glitter

With a wet brush, apply glitter on the line of the eye shadow. This is a master trick to create the look effectively.

6. Working With Red Lipstick 

This is the cherry on the top. A creamy, cherry lipstick will work wonders in this regard. At first apply it normally. Then use your finger to sweep downward, the lipstick on the lower bottom lip.

7. Spray Hair Colour 

To complete the Harley Quinn makeup black and red, spray your hair blonde. However, you can also use Harley Quinn wigs. 

Queen look for Halloween
Credit: The list


1. How long does the Harley Quinn makeup take to create?

The makeup takes a maximum of one hour to create.

2. How to do the Harley Quinn makeup effectively?

Follow the steps mentioned in this article to create the Harley Quinn makeup effectively.

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