Fire Alarm Cable Can Save Lives and Property

Fire Alarm Cable Can Save Lives and Property

Many professionals in the construction trade don’t give a lot of thought to the supplier of their electrical wire or cable but they should. More specifically, many pros don’t think about the Fire Alarm Cable or security cable that goes into a project. In today’s world, it would be a good idea to make sure a few conditions are already in place when ordering alarm cable. Like other electrical materials, the wiring and cabling needs of one project can span four or five pages of specifications that must be met.

Keep It Simple

Simple is usually best, especially when you’re confronted with a multitude of design and engineering specifications for all the wiring and cabling going into a large project. So, when it comes time to determine which vendor has which product which meets the specification, it’s an easy decision when you include Electric Wire and Cable Specialists in the mix. At EWCS, we find it is best if there are no hidden surprises or unknown factors when our customers go looking for and ordering materials.

Come and See for Yourself

On our website,, you will find exactly what you need when it comes to fire alarm cable. We don’t try to sell you some offshore product with unknown capacities and longevity. We sell products made in the USA and source our basic materials from US suppliers. As a manufacturer of alarm cable, we know our customers want only the best. The best materials going into our products means only the best products for our customers. Let’s face it, fire alarm cable may not be important until it is needed and when it is needed it’s important to know it will function properly because lives and property depend on it.
Got Questions and Need Answers Right Now?

For the last 25 years, our customers have known we are the best resource for getting questions answered and problems overcome. Meeting federal, state, and local regulations for fire alarm cable is an important part of our job and we take care of it so our customers know they are receiving the best product on the market. Our customers don’t compromise when it comes to quality materials and neither do we. If our customers need help, they know they can call or click and get answers right away.

Choices Are Always Important

The EWCS 16 AWG 2/C Solid FPLP Plenum Rated Shielded Cable with Red Jacketand our 18 AWG 2/C Solid FPLR Riser Rated Shielded Cable also with Red Jacketare both made in USA to exacting standards. Each is tested on an on-going basis to insure our customers get what they expect. We don’t cut corners because our customers expect only the best. Both products meet all regulatory guidelines and, in many ways, exceed those guidelines.

Compare and then Decide

Our products can go head-to-head with any other products on the market. Take a look at not just the cable itself, but also the accessory products we offer. Many of our competitors sell vastly inferior accessory products. It saves them money and makes them happy. At EWCS, we know it is our customer’s happiness we need to satisfy. You can sell the best quality cabling but if the accessories needed to put the system together are not high quality also, then the whole system is dependent upon the weakest link in the chain. That’s just not good enough for us.
Consider the Entire Package

We offer the highest quality, USA-made products on the market. Not just a few pieces or parts, but throughout the entire line of products. Electric Wire and Cable Specialists has gained a reputation for doing the job right and supplying the needed components without substituting inferior merchandise. We can deliver from one or all of our seven service centers located across America. And we can usually do it in two days. That’s the entire package – quality products delivered by quality people.

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