How Charging A Smartphone Overnight Is Bad For Battery Life?

Charging A Smartphone Overnight

Smartphones and battery is always a hot topic on the internet. Lots of people complain of bad battery life, despite having the correct settings. So, we do know that nowadays smartphones are coming with high-capacity batteries to last longer than ever. However, multitasking is increasing every day. But, Charging A Smartphone Overnight is never a good idea.

Heavy usage of mobile phones does affect the battery life considerably. So, that’s the reason why most phones don’t see more than a single day in terms of battery life. Of course, some flagship phones don’t even last more than 12 hours. 

It’s not ideal for any person to carry a portable battery all the time. Sometimes, you must know the reason why your smartphone’s battery is getting depleted. If you go to a service center, then chances are ample that they will ask you about your charging cycle. 

According to research, charging mobile phones overnight is a bad sign for your battery. In other words, if you use fast charging technology and don’t stop the charge even after its completion, then it can have an adverse effect on the battery life. 

So, if you want to know more about how overnight charging can affect batteries, then you are at the right place. Here we will tell you all you need to know about it. In other words, we shall also discuss some ways to increase a smartphone’s battery life. 

Here’s How Charging A Mobile Phone Overnight Can Affect Its Battery

Mobile Phone Overnight Can Affect Its Battery

There are a lot of pople in the planet who complain that they have a bad battery back up on their smartphone. According to a research, many of those people leave their phone charging overnight. Well, it can seriously have a detrimental effect on the battery in the long run. As we know, the mobile companies these days use lithium ion batteries. 

These batteries are made to protect the battery and other components from heating. As we know, overheating can seriously damage a smartphone. Hence, if you leave your phone charging overnight, it will heat up a lot. Most phones charge quickly and with fast charging technology, things have become even more simple. 

Once the phone charges to 100 percent, the charging stops momentarily. Now, what’s interesting is, if you leave the phone charging overnight, then it will charge nonstop. For example, once the charge stops at 100 percent, the battery will slowly deplete. Once it drops to 99 percent, it will once again gain a bit of power to go up at 100 percent agan. So, this cycle will repeat itself constantly until you turn off the switch. 

According to the sources, once the battery reaches 100 percent, it uses a lot of power. In fact, it’s worht noting that a lithium ion battery has overall 500-600 charging cycles (1%-100%). So, if you charge your phone to 100% too much, then the cycles will only get lower in the long run. 

How To Increase Battery Life of Smartphones?

How To Increase Battery Life of Smartphones?

Of course, battery back up of the smartphone depends on the smartphone models. For example, a flagship phone with high-end display will surely eat a lot of battery. However, it’s true that companies these days use high-quality lithium ion batteries to let these phones stay more than a day. 

But, often we see that the batteries do deplete considerably. If a phone gives you 2.5 hours or 3 hours of SOT or screen on time, then of course, something is wrong with the battery. In that case, you can try using a few tricks to increase the battery life. 

  • Try using the night mode
  • Dim the screen while using your phone. 
  • Check whether you have any power hungry apps or not. 
  • Turn off the location service, bluetooth, NFC. 
  • Use power-saving mode. 

These were some of the best and easy ways to increase the battery life to some extent. However, if you are still facing trouble, then it’s best to go to a service center and have the battery replaced. 

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