Candle Boxes: What Makes them Standout in the Crowd?

Candle Boxes

Candles are packed in boxes made of specific materials suited for their chemical composition. When you go to a mall or perhaps a candle store, you will find lots of candles, either in plastic wraps, aluminum trays, or paper boxes. Each has its own advantage and uses. Candles are also often packed in glass vessels. Each kind of packaging is selected and designed according to the function, size, and buyer of the product.

Candle boxes thespeedypack are made of three different materials; kraft paper, cardboard, or corrugated material but when it comes to choosing the right kind of material for packing your product, you must keep in mind the budget, design, sales, and protection of the product. It is also very necessary for the material to be environment friendly because no buyer would want to harm the environment.

Which Material is More Suited for Packaging Candles?

Out of glass, metal, plastic, and paper, the most opted material is paper: kraft paper. To help you decide, let’s take a look at the advantages of each material.


Glass vessels are the most beautiful kind of candle holder. Besides keeping the candle in place, glass-holders have delicate transparency that gives the candle a classy, aesthetic look and if your product is attractive, the transparency can let you show off your beautiful candles. This prevents the candle and the pack from going to waste.

The glass remain can later be washed and used for other purposes. However, custom-designed glass vessels are very expensive. The material and the designing of the vessel itself can cause you to spend more money than the profit you receive. If you are a beginner who wants to put a fine, smart investment, glass vessels are not the best option.


Aluminum, copper, or perhaps any metal alloy tray used for packing candles is very reasonable and re-usable. Many companies choose this kind of packaging for their candles but the candles placed in these metal trays are the ones used for decoration on occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. Often, these candles are for single use only and they tend to be very small. Although metal can be affordable, it does not give your product a look as beautiful as it should be.


There are three kinds of paper. Kraft paper, cardboard, and corrugated material. All three of these materials have advantages and disadvantages that you can figure out yourself according to your product. 

Corrugated Material

Tough, sturdy, and strong; this material is perfect if you want to ship your products far away. This kind of material can withstand intense pressure and prevent the candle from breaking. Candles are very soft and can break easily which is why multinational companies often prefer corrugated packaging. You will usually see the boxes for candles made out of this material. When using this material, you can be sure of your box reaching its destination safe and sound. The best thing is that these boxes can be molded into different sizes and designs plus they are reusable and recyclable.


You must have seen a lot of these almost everywhere! Cardboard boxes are pretty common when it comes to packing up products, housing supplies, toys, and anything at all. If you are thinking of packing your candles in cardboard boxes, make sure you choose great designs and a preferable size. Cardboard boxes have a rough center and a smooth outer layer. Cardboard boxes are reasonable, they look good and can be recycled.

Kraft Paper

Last but not the least, the material most opted for is kraft material. Kraft boxes are made of high-quality pine which is both organic, recyclable, and has a very aesthetic look to it. Whether your candles are scented, for single-use or multipurpose, any kind of candle can look very beautiful in a kraft paper box. This look is very pleasing and can attract many customers to your product. If you want to get custom kraft boxes, the speedy pack is the perfect site for you! They give off free samples and sell amazing customized boxes at a very reasonable price.

How Do I Choose the Design?

There are many different kinds of candles, serving different purposes. Your candle could either be scented for spiritual, traditional purposes or for rituals. Some candles are for decoration and single-use and some are meant for funerals, birthdays, or other ceremonies. Choosing the design fundamentally depends on the target audience (your buyers) and the function your product serves. The size, colors, and illustrations on the packaging represent the company, product, and customers. One more important factor is the budget. Before choosing a design, consider the budget and whether the money you are willing to spend will outweigh the profit.

All in all, you have a variety of designs and countless options for customizations in all the above options. While glass and metal are bound to remain sturdy for a longer time frame and in relatively variant conditions, they might not provide an optimized product packaging solution due to their costs and the value for money. The kraft paper therefore could prove to be an excellent option. 


The very best thing about these candle boxes is they are available in different sizes and shapes and sizes. You may use them for many occasions and not only for special events. They can make exceptional gifts as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Which box is important for increasing sales?

Answer: It solely depends on the market under consideration, the kind of customer, and budget considerations.

Question: How do they package a candle?

Answer: Candles should all be individually wrapped, ideally using tissue or wax paper. This will protect the surface of the candle as well as isolating any scents and preventing them from mingling during shipping. For fragile candles, in particular, an additional layer of bubble wrap is highly advisable.

Question: How many candles will 1 kg of wax make?

Answer: 1 kg is equivalent to 1000g of wax this 1 kg will make a total of 6 candles.