How To Brighten Up Your Best Friend’s Day When They Feel Low?

Best Friend’s Day

Friends are our chosen family. Once’s a stranger has now become so dear to our heart, and not only has that but become a mode of survival, isn’t it astonishing? We all make friends in the course of life; now you must be wondering that why do we even make friends? Why can’t we be just fine on our own? Sure, you need peace and space in life, but sometimes you also need a shoulder to cry on when everything is falling apart. And that is when you look out for these creatures who look like your reflection in the mirror. Even science has proved that people who have friends in life tend to live longer. 

Though all friends are precious but don’t you agree that few of them are closer than the others? And they are usually called BFFs. I’m talking about that friend with whom you used to go to school together; you two got punished together, you shared all your teeny tiny life details too. They are the reason your laughter got doubled, and now, when they are stuck in the negativity, it’s your turn to step up and turn their life another way round. You know life can happen with any time, and when it does you cannot show your back to your buddies at that time, because they wouldn’t do that with you and you know that right?

People talk about friendship goals; I think I have always been lucky when it comes to friendship department. They have been my side in all my ups and down, and I have always reciprocated the same. If you too want to stand by their side in their lows, then here are some tips that I use to cheer them up when reality strikes. 

Adventure time

I know I should not say this, but your friend’s problem is an invitation for you to go on an adventure trip. Adventures are great to make a person forget all their problems. Take him or her miles away, where the issues cannot reach them. She is already in a hatred mode for human species, and taking her away from the normal life will give her a break from all those faces she secretly spree on killing. 


People love surprises, yes even when they are pissed off. Actually, surprises are a great option when someone is feeling low. If you two are connected over a phone call, then pay her a surprise visit. Or you can randomly send flowers to her workplace or house, wherever she is having a bad time. These flowers will remind her that no matter how badly she is falling apart, someone is there to catch her back at home. Just casually give her mini but thoughtful gifts now and then. 

Take out time 

When you know that your friend is going through a down phase of their life, make it a point to take out time for them. Promise yourself that no matter how stuck you are in your personal life, that can’t stop you from making time for them. Listen to their full problem and ask questions. Even if it beats your brain out, and you don’t find any solution to their problems, at least letting their frustration out will leave them all eased out. 

Prepare a meal for them

It’s time to show your cooking skill. Excited? Invite her to your place and announce that you are the chef for the night. Trust me; this will make her forget half of her worries (because she will have another trauma to think about). If you are a pro at kitchen tricks, then its all win-win for you, but if it is your first time, just go ahead and give it a try. If she can handle you for so many years, she will survive your food too. Don’t worry; her miseries are way worse than the food you cooked. 

Take them out for fun activities

Since she is your best friend, you two must have some common interests (except insulting each other), indulge in them. Remember all those activities you people wish to do together but did not get the time to, now is a perfect time. Bring it on. Do all those fun activities you are prohibited from doing, how about a sneak out? Sounds fun, right? 

Next time you catch your friends all lost case with life miseries, grab them shake all the miseries out of them. I hope all these tips will help you or a flower delivery will also do the same.