Budget Air Supply Sells the Mini Split Goodman Air Conditioner with Free Shipping

Mini Split Goodman Air Conditioner

Have you ever had an HVAC salesperson tell you that you need a new air conditioner and then tell you the price? It probably made your head spin. With all the new designs and products on the market with all their specifications and designations, it’s easy to get not only confused but downright confounded. Budget Air Supply takes the mystery out of purchasing a new Mini Split Air Conditioner.

What’s the Difference Between a Regular AC Unit and a Mini Split AC Unit?

A Mini-Split Air Conditioner differs from a standard Air Conditioner by removing the warmer air inside one room or space and sending it outside to a cooling unit that returns the air at the desired temperature back to the blower unit located on the wall in the room or space. A standard AC unit has an outside compressor that pushes air through the air handler on the indoor furnace blower to distribute the cooled air throughout the building’s vent system. With a Mini-Split system, you only cool the room you are in, not the entire home or office. This saves money on equipment and provides an opportunity to decrease the energy used to cool a space.

Why is the Goodman Air Conditioner the Choice of Professionals?

When the Goodman Manufacturing Company went into the HVAC equipment manufacturing business in 1982, the owner, Harold Goodman, pledged to design, engineer, and manufacture the best HVAC equipment and sell that equipment at the lowest prices possible. Since that time, thousands of HVAC professionals have installed Goodman’s products across America on thousands of projects and in thousands of home. With a 10-year warranty, the Goodman HVAC product line, including the Mini Split Goodman Air Conditioner, has become one of the major brands on the market today.

Features Customers Wants

The Mini Split Goodman Air Conditioner has features that contractors, building supervisors, maintenance managers, and homeowners want. Those features include:

  •  Sound Design Top reduces noise
  •  Environmentally Safe Refrigerant
  •  Liquid Line Dryer Filter
  •  850 RPM Condenser Fan Motor
  •  Copper Tube / Aluminum Fin Coil
  •  Brass Line Service Valves
  •  Galvanized Steel Cabinet
  •  ARI Certified and ETL Listed

How Energy Efficient is the Mini Split Air Conditioner?

Goodman Mini Split Air Conditioners come in many sizes and cooling capacities. They are designed to cool rooms up to 500 square feet. The Mini Split systems are rated from 13 SEER to 15 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) which means they are highly efficient air conditioners requiring less energy to operate and producing more cooling for each dollar spent on energy.

Buy Online at Budget Air Supply and Save Big Money

Customers are always pleased with the money they save when they purchase their Mini Split Goodman Air Conditioner online from Budget Air Supply. Not only are the prices offered with a Price Match Guarantee but they also include a free thermostat and free shipping. Think about what that really means. It means you can get one system or a hundred systems at the best prices out there. It also means you can have your system or systems delivered to exactly where you want. No more running down to the HVAC supply house to pick up equipment if you don’t want to; now you can have your system delivered to your front door if you wish.

Let Budget Air Supply Customer Support Take Care of You

It just doesn’t come any better or any easier when you order from Budget Air Supply. Their customer support experts know what you need and can help guide you through the maze of equipment with professionalism. Customers who have questions or need additional information on any of the products, service tools, service parts, or installation of their Goodman products can contact the support staff by submitting the inquiry form on the contact page of the website or by sending an email to contact@budgetairsupply.com. Customers who would like to speak directly with a customer service support agent can call 855-473-6484.