Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Recent Times


In any business, how can you achieve success? Well, there are many methods, but the best is to follow the changes in technology. In short, technology has always shortened manual work in any industry and made jobs easier for human beings. In recent times, however, many of the industry sectors have implemented artificial intelligence in their operations to enhance the quantity and quality of their products or services. As per a survey, nearly 62 percent of companies in developed countries have implemented Artificial intelligence in one form or the other. And they are getting the benefits. In this article, let us focus on the benefits of Artificial Intelligence in recent times.

  1. Natural Language Generation

Natural Language Generation

It is a part of Artificial Intelligence application, where the data gets converted to text. By this method, computers can understand the text and act accordingly. Usually, this application is used in customer care service for generating reports. It is also used by companies who offer market summaries and other analytical data to clients. It is used by companies such as Lucidworks, Yseop and more.

  1. Speech recognition

Speech recognition
Just imagine the scene nearly a decade ago. When you have to search on Google, it was mandatory to type the entire password. Now, you just can post an image or say a word for the search engines to search for information. In other words, voice recognition has become the most preferred type of search option. The best example is Siri, the virtual voice assistant. In recent times, there are more artificial intelligence systems developed which works on the basis of voice response interaction systems. The companies which offer these services are Open Text, Nuance Communications, and NICE. You can count this aspect as one of the best benefits of artificial intelligence in recent times.

  1. Virtual Agents

Virtual Agents
So, we have spoken about voice response AI. Now let us focus on Virtual Assistants. In short, they are nothing than computer programs who can interact with humans. The best example, you know, is a chatbot. Usually, the virtual assistants are used in customer care service. Yes, you got it right. They are also used in individual homes.

Shall we take a case study? Let us imagine, you stay in Mumbai and needed a pest control service. You opt for the best simple method and book via a home maintenance company skilled in pest control service in Mumbai. Now, when you do the booking via the website and chat option, you do not know if you are conversing with a chatbot or human. So, these chatbots can solve simple queries and provide apt responses to the customer.

The names of companies which prepare the Virtual Assistants are Apple, Google, Assist AI, Artificial Solutions, IBM and Microsoft. Virtual Agents are one of the best technological innovations and you can count them as one of the best benefits of artificial intelligence in recent times.

  1. Machine Learning Platforms

Machine Learning Platforms
Now, we come to the next step. Artificial Intelligence is a part of Machine learning. And in these programs, they can automatically learn. This branch of technology prepares computers which can learn on their own and do not need human assistance for operations. The companies which prepare and sell machine learning applications are Google, Adext, Amazon and Fractal Analytics. You can include this new technology as one of the best benefits of artificial intelligence in recent times.

  1. Biometrics

This program is mostly used for identification. Let us give an example. Have you logged in Facebook via the image option? Now, how does this work? By Artificial Intelligence algorithm.

And this aspect also is for CCTV. Let us imagine, you have installed a smart lock at home. Now, when you stand outside the door, the CCTV looks at your face, identifies the image in its database and provides access. As you know, the CCTV is connected to the smart AI application. So, you get access. But it is not mandatory that you maintain the same facial features. You can have a beard, mustache or completely shaved head. Now, this aspect works on artificial intelligence applications.

  1. Cyber Defense

Cyber Defense
When artificial intelligence has crept to every industry, can cybersecurity be far behind? How does the antivirus software work? Any idea? It works by detecting unfamiliar codes and program in your computer/laptop and deletes them. Now, if the code is written in an entirely different manner, the antivirus software cannot identify and delete it.
With artificial intelligence, the software can work on various algorithms, and identify malware even if it is written in an entirely different code. In combination with ML techniques, these can uncover any type of suspicious activity and delete many cyber attacks.


These are some benefits of artificial intelligence in recent times. Yes, the new technology is used in many more applications such as compliance, content creation, image creation and many more. We have touched only a few aspects of the benefits of this new technology. For more updates, you can keep visiting our website.