The Artificial Intelligence Can Crack Down Passwords: Be Alert

Artificial Intelligence

AI or Artificial intelligence has most certainly evolved in plenty of ways. One can do lots of things with the help of AI or artificial intelligence. For example, it’s making a lot of tasks quite easier and more automated. However, it’s also true that it’s becoming vulnerable if you use it for the wrong tasks. 

In this digital world, AI or artificial intelligence has become one of the greatest inventions. What’s interesting is, people, can use AI to crack down on passwords. As we know, the password is one of the most essential as well as important secret codes that we use to keep our devices protected. We use passwords to safeguard our data from unauthorized access. 

However, as we just mentioned, people who use common passwords are at risk now because of AI. As per the reports, smart AI can decode and crack down on your passwords in less than a minute. So, that’s the reason why it’s time to think of smarter passwords. Based on a datasheet, we can tell you that more than 81 percent of passwords can be easily cracked in less than a minute. 

So, if you want to know more about AI and its capability to crack down passwords, and also find out how to protect your passwords, then you are at the right place. Here we will share all the info that you need to know about AI. 

What Kind Of Password Are At Risk Due To AI?

What Kind Of Password Are At Risk Due To AI?

As we just mentioned earlier, lots of passwords are a risk due to AI or artificial intelligence. According to the Home Security Heroes, a password cracker named PassGAN can run through a list of 15,680,000 passwords. Millions of people use social media, apps, and other things that require a password to safeguard their data. 

However, if you use a straightforward password, then it’s easily vulnerable to password cracker AIs. A Password cracker, such as PassGAN was able to crack plenty of passwords with seven characters in less than six minutes. Moreover, it’s also worth noting that AI can take a longer time to crack passwords that have more characters and a variety of items (such as symbols, letters, numbers, etc). 

Therefore, digital security advises putting longer, and more versatile passwords. It’s also important to put less predictable arrangements as passwords. Furthermore, you should also avoid likely words if you want to keep the password safe from such AI crackers. 

How Long Should An Ideal Password Be?

Artificial Intelligence Can Crack Down Passwords

As per research, we can tell you that if your password has 14 characters comprised of upper and lower cases, then the AI would take around 187 million years to crack it. On the other hand, a simple 7-character password can be cracked within just 22 seconds by Password crackers like PassGAN. 

How To Protect Passwords Effortlessly?

Of course, you wouldn’t want to leave your password vulnerable like this. It’s quite important to use longer passwords with variety than simple ones, especially if you want to safeguard your data. Keeping a strong and complicated password is just one of the very basics you can do to protect your password from being cracked. It’s also advisable to never use your name, birthday dates, city, locality name, mobile number, etc as your password. 

If you want to keep your digital password strong, then you can use a combination of letters in upper as well as lower case along with special characters and numbers. You might want to make your password as long as 15 characters or so. There are a few sites available that may tell you how strong your password is. 

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