5 Ways to Identify a High-Quality Watch

High-Quality Watch

Though not bad, all watches are not of high quality. The market has several options for you but finding the one that’s entirely according to your taste is tricky; after all, it depends on your preference.

And adding the concept of “quality” can make it more challenging if you don’t know what aspects you need to check in a quality watch. Instead of falling into the trap of some low quality, read this article to inform yourself so you can make a wise decision.

5 Ways to Identify a High-Quality Watch

Finding a quality watch needs extensive research, and without knowledge, you will end up on anything that is of low quality and less durable. Don’t worry; here are the five ways you can apply to check the quality of a watch, so let’s begin.


The first way to check the quality of a watch is to check the case’s material. No one can deny the quality of stainless steel case, which is more affordable, non-corrosive, durable, hypoallergenic, fire and heat resistant, and strong material. Other materials include bronze, titanium, gold, and platinum; all are also good.


Focusing on glass material is also essential; no one can beat Sapphire crystal glass in quality, durability, and clarity. It is resistive against scratches, so accidental falls and collisions with other things, even a knife, can’t leave a mark. On the other hand, mineral crystals are low quality, cheap, and easy to break. Thus, all the brands use Sapphire crystal glass in their luxury watches, like Wishsdoit watches used in their gold watches for men.

Water resistance

It is a crucial point to understand because many people ignore water resistance. A high-quality watch should have 5ATM so that your watch can bear accidental splashes and you can keep them while swimming.

But for those interested in water sports, aqua diving, and scuba diving, find a watch with more than 30ATM.


The next thing to check is the movement of your watch. When it comes to movement, quartz watches are always on everyone’s preferred list because they are battery-powered and require fewer moving parts. Moreover, these watches don’t need any winding, so no one questions a quartz watch.

But for all those who love something classic and stylish instead of wearing a mere watch to check the time (a mobile can do this task better now), a mechanical men’s watch is the ultimate savior.

They are mechanical but with 99.99 accuracies, and the best part is their 24 to 48 hours power saving mode which puts away the burden of winding them daily. Moreover, they are self-winding; you just need to wear them, and they automatically wind and save power for the following hours.


The band is another important thing when it comes to quality watches. Although leather is highly preferable in terms of durability and quality, genuine leather, instead of faux leather, carries excellent quality but is not suitable for vegans.

So, Fluorine rubber, like wishdoitwatches used in their timepieces, is an excellent alternative because it is soft and flexible, easy to clean, and offers resistance to oxidation, corrosion, heat, and sweating.


Investing in a watch without having sufficient watch-buying expertise might get you in hot water. When it’s the right time to choose, however, now that you are fully aware of the five methods to recognize a high-quality watch, keep these considerations in mind.

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