8th June Events: Things To Know About The Events of This Day

8th June Events

June has a lot of amazing events that you can enjoy with your loved ones. So, this day, June 8, has many outstanding events for everyone. In fact, it’s true that not all of these events of the 8th of June are official. Some of the events or festivals are unofficial as well. However, that cannot stop anyone from celebrating the day’s events. So, as we know, June is a month full of possibilities, and celebration of nature. Let’s celebrate the 8th June events.

Just a couple of days ago we had World Environment Day. Well, this day, or the 8th of June also has many events as well. If you want to know about the multiple events of June 8, then you are at the right place. So, in this article, we shall talk about some of the events or festivals or national days of this day. 

Here Are The 8th June Events

According to the reports, people across the globe just love celebrating every day in their own ways. Therefore, we have a plethora of unofficial events all over the world. In the US, Australia, India, and other countries, there are lots of amazing events to celebrate. Of course, the 8th of June presents us with many such events as well. If you want to know about those events of the 8th of June, let’s look at them immediately. 

National Name Your Poison Day

1. National Name Your Poison Day

So, the 8th of June is quite popular in the US as Name Your Poison Day. If you want to celebrate this day, then you could go to a bar and order a drink or ‘your poison’. Imagine a dimly lit bar where a bartender greets you and tells, ‘Name your poison’. The menu offered before you present infinite possibilities of drinks. 

Name Your Poison Day is a very famous one because it’s a day to enjoy a nice glass of drink. So, if you wish to celebrate the day to its fullest, then you could play the Name Your Poison game with friends. In addition, you could also thank your bartender on this day. 

2. National Best Friends Day

Life’s just not that fun without a best friend. A best friend is someone on whom you can rely, with whom you can share stuff that you couldn’t with any other person in the world. In other words, a best friend is someone who perhaps knows all of your secrets. So, every one of us probably has someone like that in our life.

If you haven’t been in touch with your best friend in a while, then this is the perfect day to get connected once again. The 8th of June is famous as National Best Friends Day. So, don’t forget to get together with your best friend on this day. 

National Best Friends Day

3. World Oceans Day

Around 66% of our world is covered in vibrant blue. The vastness of the ocean is beyond amazing. In fact, the beauty of the ocean lies not only in its rich blue color but also in its marine life. So, the Ocean with all its wonder and magnificence is an essential part of our world. Therefore, it makes sense to observe an entire day to talk about the beautiful oceans of our world. So, the 8th of June is celebrated all over the world as World Oceans Day. In fact, we know that the month of June is famous because of the days attributed to the celebration of nature. That’s why, the celebration of World Oceans Day in June makes sense. 

4. National Farm Workers Day

So, National Farm Workers Day on the 8th of June should be celebrated as a means to show gratitude to all the hard-working farmers in the world. If you want to do something good on this day, then you could help fundraise or donate to the charities that help farmers, as a means of supporting them. 

World Oceans Day

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